The Sport Spectator - A Post Modern Perspective : Sport as a Cultural and Societal Practice

By (author) D'Arcy, Thomas (Tom), Ph.D

This book links discussion on the origin and development of sport and sport spectatorship in relation to its place and function in post modern society. The contents of the book encapsulate thoughts, concepts and ideas that evolved throughout my PhD research thesis on the motivation determinants and emotionality of the ardent sport spectator. The primary objective of this work is to promote a deeper and fuller understanding of the position of sport as an identity signifier of community, and particularly of the ardent sport spectator. Issues on what sport means in people's daily lives and what sport means within the context of social-societal institutions is elaborated on. Here, culture is understood in terms of everyday experiences that are shared by a 'common' people providing them with a social meaning to their world. Inferences resonate within the findings of this book indicating that participation in sport provides an outlet for creative expression and exhibitionism engagement by the sport performer. As a consequence the sport spectator experiences emotion indulgence gratification, identity embellishment and vicarious attribution, facilitating a sense of escapism from obligatory work duties, promoting life enrichment experiences. This book is intended to appeal to general sport enthusiasts; it is also aimed at parents within the domain of childhood interest development, and sport and media organisations. This book is also envisaged to appeal to undergraduates and graduates in research areas associated with sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, politics and economics. More specifically this book would be viewed as appropriate reference material within universities, education institutions and teacher training colleges related to physical education, sport science, sport psychology as well as health and wellness domains.

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  • Part I: Exploring the Nature and Origins of Sport Defining the Structure of Sport Spectator Audiences Chapter One Origins and Evolution of Sport Play and Sport Differentiated Theories on the Origin of Sport Characteristics of Contemporary Sport Norbert Elias: Sport as a Sociological Problem Chapter Two Defining the structure of Sport Spectator Audiences Forms of Audience Constructions (Simple: Mass: Diffused) Audience Stratifications Social Impact of Sport Spectating Sport Spectator: Intrinsic-Extrinsic Motives Spectatorship, Communication and Identity The Sport Spectator and the Consumer Society Changing Nature of Community Part II: Motivation Determinants in the Structuring and Development of the Ardent Sport Spectator Chapter Three Sport and Early Childhood Influences Duality of Memory Recall Childhood Experiences of Play and Sport Analysis of Childhood Reflexivity Deductions and Implications of Analysis Primary School Transition and Identity Conflict, Dominance and Agency Chapter Four Hero Exemplar Construction Sport Hero Construction Hero Construction in Childhood ( Reflections) Sport Hero: Recurring Themes and Implications Hero Choice Determinants Chapter Five Sport as Performance and Spectacle Chronological Structure of Competitiveness Player-Performer Attribution Origin of Sport as a Motivation Indicator Summary of Findings and Implications Chapter Six Mass Media Sport Spectatorship Play, Cognition and Sport Participation Sport Celebrity and Media Construction Mass Media Influence and Sport Engagement Mass Media Sport Consumption Findings Chapter Seven Direct (Live) Sport Spectatorship Emotion Indulgence Gratification Contingent Identity Embellishment Vicarious Attribution and the Aesthetic Direct Sport Spectatorship: Summary and Findings Chapter Eight Spectating Sport - Online Questionnaire (SSM-EI) Sport Spectator Motivation Questionnaire Statements Online Questionnaire Tables and Results Questionnaire 'Clustered' Response Analysis Summary of Response Analysis Online Questionnaire 'Free Comment' Responses Analysis of 'Free Comment' Responses Gender Motivation Differentiation Attendance, Companionship and Age Profiling Chapter Nine The Sport Spectator: Findings and Implications Sport Spectator Interview Topics Media and Direct Sport Spectatorship Online Questionnaire (SSM-EI) Summary Core Observations and Findings Participant Selection Processes Concluding Remarks and Implications Issues for Future Investigation Voyage of Discovery: The Research Question Selected References & Bibliography Subject Index Appendix A: Territorial Sense of Place: D'Arcy's Field

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書名 The Sport Spectator - A Post Modern Perspective : Sport as a Cultural and Societal Practice
著作者等 D'Arcy, Thomas (Tom), Ph.D
書名別名 Sport as a Cultural and Societal Practice
出版元 Choice Publishing
刊行年月 2012.11.01
ページ数 250p
大きさ H232 x W155
ISBN 9781909154087
言語 英語
出版国 アイルランド