Teacher's Guide : My Book Reception, Primary School Programme

By (author) Al-Saadi, Attika A.

KITABI (MY BOOK), Primary School Series The series KITABI (MY BOOK), is a complete programme for young learners (4-11 year olds), or from reception to Year 6 primary school. Key features The MAIN BOOK contains: Six units, using different teaching methods, applied in a progressive manner; Exercises that involve the four skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing; More and more writing and listening exercises as you advance through the series; Revision blocks, and end-of-term tests. HANDWRITING BOOK: practice writing the alphabet and words taught in the main book. CD: sounds, words, sentences and text from the main book plus listening exercises. FLASHCARDS: the alphabet, 3-letter nouns and verbs, shapes, colours and numbers. GRAMMAR BOOK: grammar in a simple, progressive manner; exercises throughout. Kitabi Temheedi (My Book Reception) This book is the first book of the series, for 4-5 year olds. It includes: First encounters with the ARABIC ALPHABET; READING the alphabet and simple words; and READING AND RESPONDING by drawing lines, circles or squares, colouring etc LISTENING; and LISTENING AND RESPONDING by repetition, identifying or using physical gestures Practising WRITING THE ALPHABET. Technical details: PART 1: 126 pages; format A4 (290 x 210mm), heavy duty paper; full-colour; perfect bound laminated cover PART 2: 144 pages; format A4 (290 x 210mm), heavy duty paper; full-colour; perfect bound laminated cover My Book Reception Part 1: ISBN 978-1-908871-26-8 My Book Reception Part 2: ISBN 978-1-908871-33-6 Related products: Kitabi Temheedi (Reception) CD set (2 CDs) (available): ISBN Alphabet flashcards (produced 2013): Kitabi Temheedi (Reception) Teacher's Guide

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  • 4 Introduction 5 UNIT 1 : The Letters Alif, Baa, Taa, Thaa, Jeem 6 The letter Alif 17 The letter Baa 19 The letter Taa 26 The letter Thaa 33 The letter Jeem 41 UNIT 2 : The Letters Haa, Khaa, Daal, Thaal, Raa 42 The letter Haa 49 The letter Khaa 57 The letter Daal 64 The letter Thaal 71 The letter Raa 79 UNIT 3 : The Letters Zaa, Seen, Sheen, Colours and Numbers, Revision 80 The letter Zaa 89 The letter Seen 96 The letter Sheen 104 Colours and Numbers 114 Revision exercises

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書名 Teacher's Guide : My Book Reception, Primary School Programme
著作者等 Al-Saadi, Attika A.
書名別名 My Book Reception, Primary School Programme
シリーズ名 Kitabi Primary School Programme 1
出版元 MM Books
刊行年月 2012.04.15
ページ数 52p
大きさ H297 x W210
ISBN 9781908871350
言語 アラビア語
出版国 イギリス