Operations Management : The Art & Science of Making Things Happen

By (author) Cooke, James

What the business schools don't teach you to survive and flourish. Putting management theory into practice faces some major challenges. Some of the raw realities of modern work environments require a high level of intuition and judgement over and above scientific methodology alone. This book sets out the hard learnt experience of a senior Scotland Yard officer and centres on three themes: how to develop and look after yourself as an individual manager; how to make operations happen and work successfully; how to develop a high performance team around you. This book has many important messages for new managers, enabling them to survive and eventually flourish whilst guiding more experienced Directors to secure the holy grail of truly exceptional performance. It has equal relevance to those in the public, private and voluntary sector who have to translate strategy into action.

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  • Reviews Foreword Introduction What is Operations Management and Why is it Important? Who This Book is For Summary of Main Themes How to Use This Book Section 1 You as an Individual Manager Knowing Yourself Inside Out Values and Beliefs Crucible Test Life Moments What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? What is Your Leadership and Management Style? How to apply your style of leadership and Management Arming Yourself for Success Looking After Your Health and Wellbeing Your Mind Set Developing your Skills and Awareness Promotion and Selection Position Yourself for Success The Need for Clear Roles and Responsibilities Becoming a Key Person of Influence (KPI) Section 2 Making Things Happen and Work Successfully Awareness Environmental Scanning Problem Solving Managing Sudden Events and Crises Navigating the Politics Response What Needs Doing and How Design a Clear Outcome Total Quality Management Planning and Organising The Organisational Action Plan Schedules of Activity & Responsibility Setting up an Appropriate Legal Entity Additional Funding Sources Human Resources Joint Ventures and Partnerships Monitoring and Review Evaluation and Constant Improvement Section 3 Developing Your Team Choosing the Right Type of Team Types of Team Work Team Dynamics The Leader and Manager Individual Team Members How Individuals Must Complement Each Other Gender and Cultural Considerations Joint Ventures and Partnerships Mixing and Matching Individuals to the Team Selection for Success Team Engagement and Performance Managing Conflict Individual Development and Appraisal Conclusion All Pull Together You as an Individual Manager Making Things Happen Developing Your Team Motivation, Momentum and Synergy References Books Websites About the Author

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書名 Operations Management : The Art & Science of Making Things Happen
著作者等 Cooke, James
書名別名 The Art & Science of Making Things Happen
出版元 Ecademy Press
刊行年月 2012.11.27
ページ数 233p
ISBN 9781908746825
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス