Science of Engineering Materials and Carbon Nanotubes

By (author) Srivastava, C.M.; By (author) Srinivasan, C.

Part I provides the essential classical and quantum laws on which the correlation between properties and structures of materials is explained. It covers the traditional engineering materials, metals and alloys, semiconductors, polymers, dielectrics, amorphous solids, superconductors and materials for magnetic, nuclear, space and laser applications. The recent discovery of carbon nanotubes (CNT) has led to nanotechnology and exciting applications in biology, medicine, textiles, energy, transportation and electronic devices. An update to this edition as Part II of the book is the physical description of CNT, the method of their production, the classical and quantum aspects of their properties and the way these differ from the three-dimensional materials discussed in Part I. The author accounts for the difference in properties like electrical and thermal conduction in copper and carbon nanotubes on models that differ due to dimensionality of the material.

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  • Part I - Science of Engineering Materials- * Introduction * Bonding in Solids * Crystal Structure * Chemical Equilibria, Reaction Rates and Diffusion * Equilibrium Diagrams and Phase Transformation * Imperfection in Solids * Mechanical Properties * Thermal Properties * Electrochemical Reactions * Electronic Conduction in Solids * Superconductivity * Semi-conductors * Magnetic Materials * Dielectric Materials * Wave Phenomena, Acoustic and Optical Properties of Solids * Polymers * Materials for Nuclear Engineering * Materials for Space Applications * Amorphous Materials * Modern Techniques for Materials Studies. Part II - Science of Carbon Nanotubes- * Introduction * Structure and Properties of Carbon Nanotubes * Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes * Mechanical and Thermal Properties * Electronic Structure, Transport and Magnetic Properties * Application of Carbon Nanotubes.

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書名 Science of Engineering Materials and Carbon Nanotubes
著作者等 Srinivasan, C.
Srivastava, C.M.
出版元 New Academic Science Ltd.
刊行年月 2010.03.01
版表示 3 Rev ed
ページ数 572p
ISBN 9781906574697
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス