When the Alps Cast Their Spell : Mountaineers of the Alpine Golden Age

By (author) Braham, Trevor

The sport of mountaineering was pioneered 150 years ago by a diverse cross-section of Victorians, following in the footsteps of earlier local explorers who ventured into the upper regions of ice and snow in search of game and minerals. By the early years of the 19th century, a growing interest in the study of geological and glaciological phenomena attracted scientific interest in the origins of the Alps. It was only in the latter half of that century when, by the 1850s, interest in the largly unexplored Alpine peaks began to capture the public imagination, and a sharp increase developed in the numbers of those who tried to scale them. So intense was the level of exploration and achievement that the next decade was labelled the Alpine Golden Age. By the turn of the century the new sport had not only expanded vastly, but had begun to acquire a degree of respectability. The development of new skills and techniques resulted in greater accomplishments, whilst retaining the spirit and traditions of the pioneers. In this book the mountaineer and writer Trevor Braham illustrates aspects of the character and achievements of some of the early Victorian climbers, and their response to the unique attractions of mountaineering. These include Leslie Stephen (the father of Virginia Woolf), Alfred Wills, John Tyndall, Adolphus Warburton Moore, Edward Whymper (the first to conquer the Matterhorn), Albert Frederick Mummery and many more. Trevor Braham's comprehensive history on this period of Alpine mountaineering is essential to any mountaineer's bookshelf.

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  • Acknowledgements vi Preface 1 PART ONE: 12TH-18TH CENTURY Ch 1 Beginnings 5 PART TWO: 19TH CENTURY LEADING MOUNTAINEERS Ch 2 Alfred Wills 27 Ch 3 John Tyndall 50 Ch 4 Leslie Stephen 81 Ch 5 Adolphus Warburton Moore 113 Ch 6 Edward Whymper 138 Ch 7 Albert Frederick Mummery 177 Ch 8 An Unexpected Success 205 Ch 9 There Were Many Others 220 Leading Ladies 220 Eminent Europeans 230 Great Guides 233 PART THREE: 20TH CENTURY Ch 10 Beyond the Beginnings 239 Notes to Chapters 259 Alpine First Ascents 279 Bibliography 302 Index 304

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書名 When the Alps Cast Their Spell : Mountaineers of the Alpine Golden Age
著作者等 Braham, Trevor
書名別名 Mountaineers of the Alpine Golden Age
出版元 Neil Wilson Publishing
刊行年月 2013.04.18
ページ数 320p
大きさ H231 x W156
ISBN 9781906000530
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス