Catalysis  Volume 25

Edited by Spivey, James J.; Edited by Han, Yi-Fan; Edited by Dooley, K. M.; Contributions by Beretta, Alessandra; Contributions by Burghaus, Uwe; Contributions by Gregory, Duncan; Contributions by Boronat, Mer; Contributions by Mercedes, Boronat; Contributions by Zhou, Xing-Gui; Contributions by Fottinger, Karin

Over 7000 papers are published in the field of catalysis each year. While the majority appear within a handful publications, keeping up with the literature can be difficult. Now in its 25th volume, the Specialist Periodical Report on Catalysis presents critical and comprehensive reviews of the hottest literature published over the last twelve months. Industrial and academic scientists face increasing challenges to find cost-effective and environmentally sound methods for converting natural resources into fuels, chemicals and energy. This series is edited by three leading researchers in the field and provides a balanced and in-depth review of the modern approaches to these challenges, covering major areas of heterogeneous and homogenous catalysis, as well as specific applications of catalysis, such as NOx control, kinetics and experimental techniques, such as microcalorimetry. With chapters detailing specific areas within the field, this series is a comprehensive reference for anyone working in Catalysis and an essential resource for any library.

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  • PdZn based catalysts: catalytic properties and applications
  • Theoretical tools for studying green catalysts based on metallic nanoparticles
  • High throughput Technology
  • X-ray absorption based methods in catalysis research - Fundamentals, Opportunities and limitations
  • MgO/base catalysis
  • Gaining insight in the kinetics of partial oxidation of light hydrocarbons
  • Applications of Electron Beam Lithography in Surface Science and Catalysis
  • Catalytic reforming
  • CO hydrogenation to i-butanol

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書名 Catalysis
著作者等 Beretta, Alessandra
Boronat, Mer
Burghaus, Uwe
Dooley, K. M.
Fottinger, Karin
Gregory, Duncan
Han, Yi-Fan
Mercedes, Boronat
Zhou, Xing-Gui
Spivey, James J.
書名別名 Volume 25
シリーズ名 Specialist Periodical Reports 25
巻冊次 Volume 25
出版元 Royal Society of Chemistry
刊行年月 2013.03.19
ページ数 245p
大きさ H234 x W156
ISBN 9781849735780
ISSN 01400568
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス