Information-centric networks : a new paradigm for the internet

Gabriel M. Brito, Pedro Braconnot Velloso, Igor M. Moraes

Since its inception, the Internet has evolved from a textual information system towards a multimedia information system, in which data, services and applications are consumed as content. Today, however, the main problem faced is that applications are now content-oriented but the protocol stack remains the same, based on the content location. Thus, it is clear that the Internet's current architecture must change. This new architecture should take into account aspects to improve content location and delivery efficiency and also content availability. Fulfilling these requirements is the main goal of information-centric networks (ICNs). ICN is a new communication paradigm to increase the efficiency of content delivery and also content availability. In this new concept, the network infrastructure actively contributes to content caching and distribution. This book presents the basic concepts of ICNs, describes the main architecture proposals for these networks, and discusses the main challenges to their development. Information Centric-Networks looks at the current challenges for this concept, including: naming, routing and caching on the network-core elements, several aspects of content security, user privacy, and practical issues in implementing ICNs. Contents: 1. Content Distribution on the Internet. 2. Information-Centric Networks. 3. Main ICN Architectures. 4. Challenges. 5. Practical Issues.

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  • INTRODUCTION ix CHAPTER 1. CONTENT DISTRIBUTION ON THE INTERNET 1 1.1. End-to-end concept and limitations 2 1.2. Multicast communication 4 1.3. Peer-to-peer systems 5 1.4. Content distribution networks 6 1.5. Publish/subscribe systems 9 CHAPTER 2. INFORMATION-CENTRIC NETWORKS 13 2.1. Content naming 13 2.1.1. Flat naming 14 2.1.2. Hierarchical naming 16 2.1.3. Attribute-based names 17 2.2. Content or name-based routing 18 2.2.1. Non-hierarchical routing 19 2.2.2. Hierarchical routing 20 2.3. Content caching 22 CHAPTER 3. MAIN ICN ARCHITECTURES 23 3.1. Content-based networking/combined broadcast and content-based 23 3.2. Data-oriented network architecture 26 3.3. Content-centric networking/named-data networking 29 3.4. Publish-subscribe Internet routing paradigm/publish-subscribe Internet technologies 33 3.5. Content-centric inter-network architecture 37 3.6. Other architectures 40 3.7. General comparison 41 CHAPTER 4. CHALLENGES 43 4.1. Naming 43 4.2. Routing 52 4.3. Caching 58 4.3.1. Analytical models for networks of caches 60 4.3.2. Content replacement policies 62 4.3.3. Content storage policies 65 4.4. Security 69 4.5. Mobility support in ICN 73 4.6. Applications 78 4.6.1. Real-time applications 78 4.6.2. Vehicular networks 80 4.6.3. Autonomous driving 81 4.6.4. Other applications 82 CHAPTER 5. PRACTICAL ISSUES 83 5.1. Economic models 83 5.2. Content routers 88 CONCLUSION 97 ACKNOWLEDGMENT 99 BIBLIOGRAPHY 101 INDEX 119

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書名 Information-centric networks : a new paradigm for the internet
著作者等 Moraes Igor M.
Velloso Pedro B.
Velloso Pedro Braconnot
de Brito Gabriel M.
Brito Gabriel M.
シリーズ名 Focus series in networks and telecommunications
出版元 ISTE
刊行年月 2013
ページ数 xiii, 122 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 9781848214491
NCID BB1458661X
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス