Ragnarok : the End of the Gods

By (author) Byatt, A. S.

Recently evacuated to the British countryside and with World War Two raging around her, one young girl is struggling to make sense of her life. Then she is given a book of ancient Norse legends and her inner and outer worlds are transformed. Intensely autobigraphical and linguistically stunning, this book is a landmark work of fiction from one of Britain's truly great writers. Intensely timely it is a book about how stories can give us the courage to face our own demise. The Ragnarok myth, otherwise known as the Twilight of the Gods, plays out the endgame of Norse mythology. It is the myth in which the gods Odin, Freya and Thor die, the sun and moon are swallowed by the wolf Fenrir, the serpent Midgard eats his own tale as he crushes the world and the seas boil with poison. It is only after such monstrous death and destruction that the world can begin anew. This epic struggle provided the fitting climax to Wagner's Ring Cycle and just as Wagner was inspired by Norse myth so Byatt has taken this remarkable finale and used it as the underpinning of this highly personal and politically charged retelling

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書名 Ragnarok : the End of the Gods
著作者等 Byatt, A. S.
書名別名 the End of the Gods
シリーズ名 Myths 14
出版元 Canongate Books Ltd
刊行年月 2011.09.01
ページ数 192p
大きさ H219 x W146
ISBN 9781847670649
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス