Air Pollution  XXI

Edited by Longhurst, J. W. S.; Edited by Brebbia, C. A.

Containing papers presented at the twenty-first in a successful series of conferences on the modelling, monitoring and management of air pollution, the book Air Pollution XXI covers what has become a widespread and growing challenge to the international community. Governments face a need to balance concern over its known impacts on local and global health and the environment with improving or maintaining economic development. The key to achieving that balance is to use science to identify the nature and scale of air pollution impacts and to formulate effective policies and regulations. As our knowledge and application of the science of air pollution improves, we are better able to predict, assess and mitigate the implications air pollution has for local, regional, national and international economic systems. The papers deal in the book treat advances in a wide variety of topics, including: Air Pollution Modelling; Monitoring and Measuring; Aerosols and Particles; Emission Studies; Air Pollution Problems in Thailand.

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  • Contents Section 1: Air pollution modelling Accident reconstruction and plume modeling of an unplanned ammonia release
  • Association of weather and air pollution interactions on daily mortality in 12 Canadian cities
  • Exhaust emissions from vehicles in real traffic conditions in the Poznan agglomeration
  • Evaluations of benzene impacts of a coke plant in a complex-topography urban area with the RAMS-CALMET-CALPUFF modelling system Section 2: Monitoring and measuring Mapping anthropogenic and natural volatile organic compounds around Estarreja Chemical Industrial Complex
  • Long-term trend of indoor volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Monitoring airborne dust in an Italian basalt quarry: comparison between sampling methods
  • Identification of work-related exposure to carcinogenic substances in Germany
  • Ozone and nitrogen dioxide concentrations in a Holm oak urban park and an adjacent open area in Siena
  • Levels of particulate matter in Western UAE desert and factors affecting their distribution Section 3: Aerosols and particles Transport of aerosols in the Mediterranean coastal zone
  • Trace element concentrations of size-fractionated particulate matter in the atmosphere of Istanbul, Turkey
  • PM2.5 characterisation by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and its correlation with diverse particle emission sources
  • Particle formation in the planetary boundary layer over Tokyo and its suburban areas Section 4: Emission studies Investigating the influence of highway traffic flow condition on pollutant emissions using driving simulators
  • Impact of motorcycles on urban tropospheric ozone
  • Characteristics of carbonaceous aerosols and its relationships between emission sources
  • The correlation of distribution of PM number emitted under actual conditions of operation by PC and HDV vehicles
  • Emission tests of the F100-PW-229 turbine jet engine during pre-flight verification of the F-16 aircraft Section 5: Regional studies Air quality study for Montenegro Pljevlja area
  • Variability in metal deposition among industrial, rural and urban areas in the Cantabria Region (Northern Spain) Section 6: Air pollution problems in Thailand (Special session organised by S. Pongpiachan) Temporal and spatial distribution of mutagenic index in PM10 collected at Bangkok, Thailand
  • Chemical characterization of gaseous species from the pyrolysis process using scrap tires
  • Enhancing public participation in air pollution management from coal-fired power plant projects in Thailand
  • Application of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to alleviate air pollution and the other impacts from power plant development

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書名 Air Pollution
著作者等 Brebbia, C. A.
Longhurst, J. W. S.
書名別名 XXI
シリーズ名 WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment 174
巻冊次 XXI
出版元 WIT Press
刊行年月 2013.06.03
ISBN 9781845647193
ISSN 1746448X
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス