Intersections Control & Safety

Edited by Pratelli, A.

Starting off a new series on Transport Systems and Traffic Engineering the book aims to help bridge the gap between research and practice, encouraging a critical dialogue in different, specific, subjects spanning innovation, development and technology transfer. Those who offer innovation often do not meet the immediate needs of practitioners, especially in the traditional field of civil engineering. Still, the adequate diffusion of research results and wisdom derived from practical experience are crucial to both theoretical underpinnings and technical applications. The papers forming this book are devoted to intersection control and safety and have been selected bearing in mind the criteria stated above. That is, these papers provide both scholarly contribution as well as vision for application. As a general rule, about one-third of all highway crashes happen at intersections. This rule holds for many different countries. Intersection crashes also represent a significant portion of serious injury crashes, and by right are receiving considerable attention from researchers and practitioners alike. This book is therefore devoted to relevant safety aspects of road intersections and innovative features in design and operations that may address the intersection crash problem. The thirteen papers are more or less equally devoted to roundabouts and signals. These papers cover many of the most recent and emerging issues related to intersection control and safety. Topics range from design details to driver perception, from pedestrians behaviour to signal timing, and from capacity models to red-light running. The book will be useful for those wishing to expand their knowledge of this ever important subject area.

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  • Gap acceptance parameters for HCM 2010 roundabout capacity model applications in Italy
  • Analysis of traffic capacity and design for the reconstruction of a large roundabout in the city of Zagreb
  • Developing optimal timing plans for cyclic traffic along arterials using pre-timed controllers
  • Development of a red-light running violation index model for signalized intersections
  • An investigation of the variability of start-up lost times and departure headways at signalized intersections in urban areas
  • Performance measures for managing urban traffic signal systems
  • Pedestrian risk perception in signalized street crossings
  • Formulation of large roundabout capacity under high demand flows
  • Scenario analysis of a network of traffic signals designed with Petri nets
  • Safety effects on pedestrians at urban roundabouts: an overview
  • Signal setting in urban areas: a procedure with day-to-day dynamic and stability constraints
  • A dynamic and automatic traffic light control system for solving the road congestion problem
  • Traffic conflicts at roundabouts: risk analysis under car-following conditions

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書名 Intersections Control & Safety
著作者等 Pratelli, A.
シリーズ名 Transport Systems and Traffic Engineering 1
出版元 WIT Press
刊行年月 2013.05.22
ページ数 164p
大きさ H234 x W156
ISBN 9781845647643
ISSN 20516827
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス