Fundamental Concepts of Environmental Chemistry

By (author) Sodhi, G. S.

This book is predicated upon a relatively wide perspective of environmental chemistry and makes a comprehensive approach to disseminate the information in a clear and systematic manner. The influence of environmental factors on both living and nonliving are discussed with special emphasis on human health problems like mutagenesis, teratogenesis and carcinogenesis. Energy conservation, acid rain, catalytic converters, greenhouse gases, stratospheric ozone depletion, polymers and plastics, eutrophication and noise pollution are also discussed. Graduate and postgraduate students following advanced courses in environmental science will find this book to be most useful.

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  • PART I: ABIOTIC ORIGIN: Atoms and Molecules / Solid Earth / Hydrosphere / Atmosphere / Biosphere / PART II: BIOTIC ORIGIN: Life/Cellular Environment/Cellular Alterations/PART III: ENERGY: Energy Flow/Fossil Fuels/Terrestrial Energy/Solar Energy/Nuclear Energy/PART IV: AIR POLLUTANTS: Sulfur Oxides/Nitrogen Oxides/Carbon Monoxide/Photochemical Smog/Greenhouse Gases/Depletion of Stratospheric Ozone/Suspended Matter/PART V: WATER POLLUTANTS: Classification of Water Pollutants/Heavy Metals/Soaps and Detergents/Paper Mills/Water Treatment/PART VI: POLLUTANTS FROM INDUSTRY: Polymers and Plastics/Asbestos/Food Additives/PART VII: POLLUTANTS FROM AGRICULTURE: Fertilizers/Insecticides/Fungicides and Herbicides/PART VIII: ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION: Is it Possible/India's Efforts/Index

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書名 Fundamental Concepts of Environmental Chemistry
著作者等 Sodhi, G. S.
出版元 Alpha Science International Ltd.
刊行年月 2000.10.10
ページ数 480p
大きさ H2401 x W160
ISBN 9781842650127
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス