The Eleven-Plus Book : Genuine Exam Questions from Yesteryear

Foreword by Stephen, Dr Martin, Ph.D.

Is the nation really dumbing down? Are exams really easier than they were in the good old days? Now's the chance to find out whether age really does equal wisdom with The Eleven-Plus Book, a real way to contrast the schooling of yesteryear with modern-day practices and settle the recent debates. Every generation can attempt questions on a number of subjects from English and arithmetic to general knowledge and composition. Who will come out top in your family? Gorgeously packaged with a retro design, The Eleven-Plus Book is a fantastic nostalgic look back for all those who experienced the daunting exam the first time round, and a great way for the younger generation to prove that they have the wits to outsmart their elders!

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書名 The Eleven-Plus Book : Genuine Exam Questions from Yesteryear
著作者等 Stephen, Dr Martin, Ph.D.
書名別名 Genuine Exam Questions from Yesteryear
出版元 Michael O'Mara Books Ltd.
刊行年月 2013.05.09
ページ数 160p
大きさ H198 x W129
ISBN 9781782430339
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス