The Laird of Castle Ballantine

By (author) Riley, Harry

It is 1964, Leonard McFadden - a brash young cockney reporter for a national newspaper is dispatched by his editor to the Scottish Borders, to follow up on the strange case of Doctor James Parker. Along with a party of other journalists he attends a midnight vigil in a rain-sodden churchyard by the River Tweed. Returning to the graveside in the early morning sunlight, he staggers and leans on a tombstone for support and there stumbles onto a mystery that will change his life forever. Unbeknown to him - the storm clouds of fate are gathering; dark forces, already contriving to play havoc with his future. An enigmatic churchman asks his name and upon hearing it, remarks how Scotsmen from all over the world, often return to their place of birth, just as salmon return home, to spawn and die. Leonard humorously replies that he is not yet ready to spawn and die, but these and many more questions go tumbling through his brain as he ponders on life's mysteries. Is he really who he thinks he is? Growing up in wartime Britain and with a surname like McFadden, is it possible he could have Scottish ancestry? Feeling a chill coming on, and inwardly reflecting that the Scottish Borders, for all its seductive beauty, may well be the death of him, the reporter is unaware that the cold hand of death may be lurking nearby...

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  • Chapter 1 The late night vigil Chapter 2 A new mystery for Leonard Chapter 3 The manic driver Chapter 4 The golden boy at the top of his form Chapter 5 A castle by the River Tweed Chapter 6 Centuries old blood feud Chapter 7 Discovering the legacy Chapter 8 St. Peter's Church Norbridge Chapter 9 Madame Gloria's warning Chapter10 Release of a prisoner Chapter 11 A last minute farewell Chapter 12 The Courts Marshall Chapter 13 A near tragic accident Chapter 14 A friend in Leicestershire Chapter 15 The confidence of Clan Ballantine Chapter 16 Long letter from the past Chapter 17 The feisty, major's daughter Chapter 18 A sleek Lotus Elan Chapter 19 The washed up, drunken reporter Chapter 20 Humiliation of a works foreman Chapter 21 A regular visitor Chapter 22 The seance and a caution for Alison Chapter 23 Flight to Munich on a wing and a prayer Chapter 24 Unexpected visitor at the castle Chapter 25 Attempted murder at Devils Dyke Chapter 26 Fugitive from the law Chapter 27 Wartime exploits and a brother to find Chapter 28 Introduction to the Retrievers organisation Chapter 29 Special instructions for a new recruit Chapter 30 Visitor from the bowels of the earth Chapter 31 An old hack gets hot on a trail Chapter 32 Both the doctor and the policeman share some news Chapter 33 A thank-you for Betty Chapter 34 A pretty kettle of fish Chapter 35 Doctor James Parker makes a request Chapter 36 Revelation of a dreadful injustice Chapter 37 The savage shooting Chapter 38 Teamwork begins Chapter 39 Hospital visitors for an invalid Chapter 40 Death in a disused barn Chapter 41 An inspector calls with some grim news and a warning Chapter 42 Bringing things out into the open Chapter 43 Secret of the King's Tomb Chapter 44 A mother's blame Chapter 45 Doctor James Parker's revelation Chapter 46 The Black Bull public house Chapter 47 Unexpected Proposal Chapter 48 A simple departure Chapter 49 The Ballantine Tower Chapter 50 Shocking news over the telephone Chapter 51 A question of guilt Chapter 52 New beginnings Chapter 53 A wedding, a funeral and generous bequests Chapter 54 Letter from County Clare Chapter 55 Attempted forgery Chapter 56 Christening the new bar Chapter 57 Vile German killer Chapter 58 Molly Doyle's inner cocoon of denial Chapter 59 A reluctant hiker Chapter 60 Currency more portable than gold Chapter 61 Secret of the German's stiff left leg Chapter 62 Bearing false witness Chapter 63 A doctor's solution to a problem Chapter 64 The smell of rotting fish Chapter 65 A strange trick of the light

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書名 The Laird of Castle Ballantine
著作者等 Riley, Harry
出版元 Pneuma Springs Publishing
刊行年月 2013.05.30
ページ数 184p
大きさ H210 x W148
ISBN 9781782282679
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス