Sorting Out Behaviour : A Head Teacher's Guide

By (author) Rowe, Jeremy

Inspirational, simple, profound and clear this guide provides no-nonsense advice providing teachers with the confidence to implement transformational, successful behavioural management structures within the school environment. Drawing on years of experience, the author shares the most effective methods of classroom management - avoiding disruption - enabling teachers to ensure that pupils receive the best education, with minimal distraction. He provides a stress-free, step-by-step guide for teachers, parents and educational leaders in creating a positive approach to challenging behaviour in groups and individuals.

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  • Contents include sorting out: Mistakes, assemblies, the primary/secondary thing, being present, a Hall of Fame, consistency, the tracking of behaviour, the school's reaction to change, dealing with complaints, rewards, uniform, belief, fixer-term exclusions, an exclusion room, what a school can look like that hasn't got it right, sin bins, the Ten Commandments, dealing with 'difficult' parents, home visits, the reasons not to try to improve behaviour, the reasons to try to improve behaviour, guarantees to students, guarantees to staff, what you can do with students on the edge of the precipice, the behaviour management policy, study focus, alternative education, the on-call rota, that prevention is better than cure, whole-school detentions, the relationship with the governing body, what you can do to improve your school as a senior teacher, toilets, hierarchy, the fire drill, letting students leave the building during the school day, a behaviour timeline, students who arrive late in the mornings, the 85% you can control now, platforms, my ten favourite approaches, full-time heads of year, a school which your students need and deserve, advise to senior leaders, the things naughty students love.

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書名 Sorting Out Behaviour : A Head Teacher's Guide
著作者等 Rowe, Jeremy
書名別名 A Head Teacher's Guide
シリーズ名 Little Books
出版元 Independent Thinking Press
刊行年月 2012.12.31
ISBN 9781781350348
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス