Business Continuity and Homeland Security : The Challenge of the New Age  Volume 1

Edited by McIntyre, David H.; Edited by Hancock, William I.

What should businesses consider in preparing for terrorist attacks, natural disasters, pandemic illnesses and other emergencies? What steps can a business take to ensure continuity during and after a crisis? What can we learn from past success? This edited collection provides responses to these and other questions from prominent business executives and academics, drawn from their personal experiences with such crises as the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the Asian tsunami. Their analyses prove a major step forward in the emerging academic and professional field of homeland security. In this first volume, The Challenge of the New Age, the contributors - noted authorities in security and risk management, technology, public health, political science and business - look at specific ways disasters can impact businesses, both in the short and long term. They recount their experiences with terrorist attacks and natural disasters, and explore the potential impact of other hazards, such as a biological event or pandemic. Intended for business practitioners, real world operators, students and faculty, government leaders, and their libraries, the book demonstrates with historical examples the connectivity between threats, hazards, policies, jurisdictions, information, technology, leadership, and considerations of profit and loss. Those who want to benefit from best practices while avoiding mistakes of the past will find this an excellent place to start.

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  • Contents: Foreword: The Challenge of the New Age Christopher Shays Preface David H. McIntyre Introduction to Volume 1 PART I: BUSINESS IN DANGEROUS TIMES: THE NEW REALITY 1. Terror and the Economy David Wyss 2. Terrorism: A Short-term Phenomenon? Michael Minor 3. Business Continuity and Enterprise Value Peter Leitner 4. The Legal Impact of Homeland Security on Business Greg McNeal 5. Legal Liability when Businesses are Unprepared for Disasters Kevin Lindsey 6. The Impact of Threats and Catastrophes on Corporate Governance: How to Minimize Disruption, Mitigate the Risks and Manage Business Recovery and Continuity Proactively Gad Selig PART II: REAL DANGERS DEMAND REAL ANSWERS 7. The Threat of Terrorism Fred Burton 8. Transcending the Consequences of Terror on Business Dean Alexander 9. The Impact of Disease and Pandemics on Business Continuity Elin Gursky 10. Telework in the Face of a Pandemic Paul B. Kurtz 11. Immediate Effects of Terrorism on Business Dean Alexander 12. Prospering in the Secure Economy Greg Pellegrino and Bill Eggers PART III: DISASTER STORIES WE CAN LEARN FROM 13. Failure to Communicate: Lesson of 9/11 Geoff Williams 14. A Networked Model for Emergency Planning and Response: The Lessons of Katrina (I) Bill Eggers 15. Wal-Mart Case Study: The Lessons of Katrina (II) Ken Senser and Jason Jackson 16. Doing Business in No Man's Land: The Lessons of Katrina (III) Geoff Williams Index

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書名 Business Continuity and Homeland Security : The Challenge of the New Age
著作者等 Hancock, William I.
McIntyre, David H.
書名別名 The Challenge of the New Age Volume 1
巻冊次 Volume 1
出版元 Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
刊行年月 2013.05.30
ページ数 192p
大きさ H244 x W169
ISBN 9781781001929
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス