Look at the Bunny : Totem, Taboo, Technology

By (author) Pettman, Dominic

Are totems merely a thing of the distant past? Or might it be that our sleek new machines are producing totemic forces which we are only beginning to recognize? This book asks to what degree today's media technologies are haunted by a Freudian ghost, functioning as totems or taboos (or both). By isolating five case-studies (rabbits in popular culture, animated creatures that go "off-program," virtual lovers, jealous animal spirit guides, and electronic paradises), Look at the Bunny highlights and explores today's techno-totemic environment. In doing so, it explores how nonhuman avatars are increasingly expected to shepherd us beyond our land-locked identities, into a risky - sometimes ecstatic - relationship with the Other.

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書名 Look at the Bunny : Totem, Taboo, Technology
著作者等 Pettman, Dominic
書名別名 Totem, Taboo, Technology
出版元 John Hunt Publishing
刊行年月 2013.03.29
ページ数 232p
大きさ H216 x W140
ISBN 9781780991399
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス