The North Beyond : Part 2: Maesrhon

By (author) Scrayfield, P. M.

The North Beyond: truth or legend, history or fantasy, past or future? The tale continues, and now it is Maesrhon's story that unfolds. Why does Vorynaas hate him? Vorynaas, restlessly scheming for ever more wealth and power. Why is Arval watching over him? Arval, the guardian of two secret promises, always searching for the knowledge that will unlock their meaning. Why does the wilderness haunt Maesrhon's dreams? Maesrhon, so alone, so different, burdened by a mysterious choice he must one day make. As he grows from child to man the world darkens, clouding men's hearts with evil, despair and the gathering threat of war. Caradward needs grain to feed its armies, but Gwent y'm Aryframan keeps putting up the price. Vorynaas, a shrewd reader of the baser side of human nature, thinks his moment has come. Arval, remembering the warning: beware of what may follow, if men drive the Starborn away again, fears an ancient wrong has been repeated. And Maesrhon, all doubts cast aside at last, takes up his heritage and sets out on a fateful quest. Slipping through Vorynaas' hands, leaving the name of Artorynas to ring uneasily in his ears, he escapes to tread a long, dangerous road: the road that leads to the north beyond -

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書名 The North Beyond : Part 2: Maesrhon
著作者等 Scrayfield, P. M.
書名別名 Part 2: Maesrhon
出版元 Indepenpress Publishing Ltd
刊行年月 2013.03.28
ページ数 357p
大きさ H198 x W129
ISBN 9781780034904
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス