History's Greatest Mysteries

By (author) Price, Bill

History's Greatest Mysteries delves into the grey areas to examine the imponderable and sometimes unlikely stories of actual events and real people. From the gruesome murders committed by Jack the Ripper to the whereabouts of Lord Lucan, and from the loss of an entire continent to the case of a missing racehorse, we take a canter through history in an effort to shed a little light on to questions which, in all honesty, are never going to yield definitive answers. Some of the stories related in the following pages are deadly serious, some rather less so. There are cases of determined individuals who have struggled against the odds in an attempt to unravel the truth, while in others people have not let the facts get in the way and have made up any old nonsense by way of an explanation. Sometimes the answer to the riddle is tantalisingly just out of reach. More often it defies any sensible or rational approach - which hasn't stopped some people from trying. But, in the end, it is exactly this sense of mystery, of the unknown and the unknowable, which attracts us to these unfinished stories in the first place. After all, a world in which everything is transparent and nothing remains uncertain would be a very dull place to live indeed.

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書名 History's Greatest Mysteries
著作者等 Price, Bill
出版元 Murdoch Books
刊行年月 2013.06.01
ページ数 256p
大きさ H227 x W173
ISBN 9781743369999
言語 英語
出版国 オーストラリア