The Ethical Planning Practitioner

By (author) Weitz, Jerry

If a local college gives a city planner tickets to a sold-out football game, is it wrong to take them-even if the planner pays for them? Should a planning consultant bid on a project that has a clearly unrealistic timeframe? Can a planning director moonlight for another agency? For practicing planners, potential ethics violations abound, and the eye of public scrutiny never blinks. Written for planning practitioners, this is the first ethics guide based on the 2009 revision of the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. A variety of scenarios present real-life dilemmas based on the code's 26 rules of conduct. Each scenario comes with educational tools and suggested variations so training facilitators can use them again and again. A solid grounding in ethics literature makes the book appropriate for classroom use. In an era prone to skepticism, planners must exercise constant diligence to remain on the right side of ethics. The Ethical Practicing Planner will not only instruct but inspire planners to strengthen the public's trust.

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  • 1. Introduction Part 1 Principles to Which We Aspire 2. Our Responsibilities to the Public 3. Our Responsibility to Our Clients and Employers 4. Our Responsibility to Our Profession and Colleagues 5. Part 2 Our Rules of Conduct 6. Rules Governing Information and Communication Flows 7. Respecting Our Client's Or Employer's Wishes 8. Other Professionals and Their Work 9. Planners in Public Positions 10. Rules Targeted At Private Planning Consultants 11. Reference to the Law and "General" Rules 12. Rules Pertaining to AICP Misconduct Charges Part 3 Scenarios 13. Situations Invoking Ethical Principles 14. Rules of Conduct for Planners as Individuals 15. Responsibilities to Clients and Employers 16. Public Planners and the Misuse of Their Positions 17. Rules Relating to AICP Misconduct Charges Part 4 Code Procedures: Misconduct Charges and Complaints 18. Informal and Formal Advice 19. Misconduct Charges and Complaints 20. Code Section D: Conviction of a Serious Crime Part 5 Interpretations and Conclusions 21. Suggested Interpretations of the Code 22. Conclusions 23. Additional Thoughts 24. Final Thoughts: The Ethical Planning Practitioner

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書名 The Ethical Planning Practitioner
著作者等 Weitz, Jerry
出版元 American Planning Association
刊行年月 2013.05.14
ページ数 272p
大きさ H235 x W156
ISBN 9781611900811
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国