Faulty Assumptions : Taking Custody of Your Classroom

By (author) Miller, William

Why do some students thumb their nose at a good education, disrupt everyone's day at every turn, and pretty much subject themselves to a lifetime of compromise and want? This unique book is based on a decade of hands on experience and research dealing with thousands of students in regular education, K-12, and in an alternative school setting. It exposes the accepted and timeworn theories on classroom management, which are based on Faulty Assumptions, that rarely work and oftentimes make the situation worse. Miller's common sense principles for classroom leadership were described by one college professor as "The Heart of Teaching." This entertaining but thought provoking book provides the practical answers struggling teachers have been searching for to bring order to their classrooms so meaningful learning can take place. The precepts advocated for a smooth running classroom, which translate to a smooth running school, are applicable for all teachers, novice and veteran, with any student, regardless of age. Quite simply, it's designed to educate the educated. This is the "How To" book taken from the real world of the classroom.

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  • Table of Contents Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1 - Attention Span of a Gnat Chapter 2 - Your Objective Is What? Chapter 3 - So You Know Your Student Chapter 4 - Know Who You're Talking To Chapter 5 - Giving and Getting 100% Chapter 6 - Never Box Yourself In Chapter 7 - How to Find the Right Approach Chapter 8 - What Are You Trying to Accomplish? Chapter 9 - Who's Listening? Chapter 10 - What's It Going to Take? Chapter 11 - Are You Positive? Chapter 12 - What Do They Want? Chapter 13 - You, Them, Together Chapter 14 - The Direct Approach Chapter 15 - Picture This Chapter 16 - Step to the Back Chapter 17 - Let's Start at the End Chapter 18 - And in This Corner Chapter 19 - You're Going to What Chapter 20 - What You're Up Against Chapter 21 - Turn Down the Volume Chapter 22 - The Uncompeteable Chapter 23 - Why Me? Chapter 24 - Additions and Distractions Chapter 25 - The Parent Trap Chapter 26 - A Bucket and a Shot Glass Chapter 27 - You Deserve a Break Today Chapter 28 - Push, Shove, or Pull... Chapter 29- Outrunning a Tornado Chapter 30 - Thanks for the Memory Chapter 31 - A Failure to Communicate Chapter 32 - The Tomorrow Gambit Chapter 33 - The Future Is Now Chapter 34 - Cut the Bull... Chapter 35 - United We Stand Chapter 36 - Alternative Schools Appendix 1 - In a Nutshell... Appendix 2 - Your Life, Your Call...

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書名 Faulty Assumptions : Taking Custody of Your Classroom
著作者等 Miller, William
書名別名 Taking Custody of Your Classroom
出版元 Rowman & Littlefield
刊行年月 2013.03.14
ページ数 182p
大きさ H241 x W167
ISBN 9781610486842
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国