The Sociolinguistics of Narrative

Edited by Thornborrow, Joanna; Edited by Coates, Jennifer

This book aims to appraise sociolinguistic work devoted to the form and function of storytelling and to examine in detail the ways in which narrative constitutes a fundamental discursive resource across a range of contexts. The chapters presented here bring together some of the most recent work in the theory and practice of narrative analysis from a broad sociolinguistic perspective. They address some of the questions left implicit whenever stories are brought within the analytic frame of sociolinguistics: What exactly do we mean by 'story'?; what kind of social and contextual variations can determine the production and shape of situated stories, and what are the core elements of narrative as a discursive unit and interactional resource?; how is the relationship between narrative discourse and social context articulated in the construction of cultural identities? The data come both from institutional settings such as workplaces, courtrooms, schools, and the media, as well as from informal everyday settings.

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  • 1. The Sociolinguistics of Narrative: Identity, performance, culture (by Thornborrow, Joanna), p1-16
  • 2. Narrative as a resource in accounts of the experience of illness (by Cheshire, Jenny), p17-40
  • 3. Storying East-German pasts: Memory discourses and narratives of readjustment on the German/Polish and former German/German border (by Armbruster, Heidi), p41-65
  • 4. Narrative demands, cultural performance and evaluation: Teenage boys' stories for their age-peers (by Coupland, Nikolas), p67-88
  • 5. Masculinity, collaborative narration and the heterosexual couple (by Coates, Jennifer), p89-106
  • 6. Contextualizing and recontextualizing interlaced stories in conversation (by Norrick, Neal R.), p107-127
  • 7. Hearing Voices: Evasion and self-disclosure in a man's narratives of alcohol addiction (by Leith, Dick), p129-148
  • 8. Modes of meaning making in young children's conversational storytelling (by Blum-Kulka, Shoshana), p149-170
  • 9. Two systems of mutual engagement: The co-construction of gendered narrative styles by American preschoolers (by Sheldon, Amy), p171-192
  • 10. Narrative and the construction of professional identity in the workplace (by Holmes, Janet), p193-213
  • 11. Telling stories and giving evidence: The hybridisation of narrative and non-narrative modes of discourse in a sexual assault trial (by Harris, Sandra J.), p215-237
  • 12. Television news and narrative: How relevant are narrative models for explaining the coherence of television news? (by Montgomery, Martin), p239-260
  • 13. Performing theories of narrative: Theorising narrative performance (by Threadgold, Terry), p261-278
  • 14. References, p279-293
  • 15. Index, p295-299

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書名 The Sociolinguistics of Narrative
著作者等 Coates, Jennifer
Thornborrow, Joanna
シリーズ名 Studies in Narrative 6
出版元 John Benjamins Publishing Co.
刊行年月 2005.05.00
ページ数 305p
大きさ H245 x W164
ISBN 9781588116352
ISSN 15682706
言語 英語
出版国 オランダ