Political Linguistics

Edited by Blommaert, Jan; Edited by Bulcaen, Chris

As of Volume 9 (1994/95) John Benjamins Publishing Company is the official publisher of the Belgian Journal of Linguistics, the annual publication of the Linguistic Society of Belgium. Each volume is topical and includes selected papers from the international meetings organised by the LSB. After a programmatic introduction by Jan Blommaert, three sections can be discerned in this volume. The first section, with papers by van Dijk, Cushing, Wilson, Fairclough & Mauranen, Jucker and Gruber, concerns itself with the definition of political discourse, with particular linguistic aspects such as non-modal meaning, persuasive tactics or metalinguistic negation, and with recent trends of political discourse such as conversationalisation. The paper by Gruber on media coverage of right-wing extremism leads the way to the second section in which the media and political discourse on foreigners such as migrants and refugees is analysed (Kuusisto & Ostman; Horvat, Verschueren & Zagar). Finally, the third section could be broadly labelled as concerned with 'self- and other-representation', with papers on intercultural discouse, gender, institutional discourse, varieties of English and political correctness (resp. Shi-xu, Rojo, Slembrouck & Sarangi, Begum & Kandiah, Janicki).

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  • 1. Preface, piv
  • 2. Introduction: Language and politics, language politics and political linguistics (by Blommaert, Jan), p1-10
  • 3. What is Political Discourse Analysis? (by Dijk, Teun A. van), p11-52
  • 4. Pragmatic Parameters in Non-Modal Meanings: An example from political discourse (by Cushing, Steven), p53-67
  • 5. Metalinguistic Negation and Textual Aspects of Political Discourse (by Wilson, John), p69-88
  • 6. The Conversationalisation of Political Discourse: A comparative view (by Fairclough, Norman), p89-119
  • 7. Persuasion by Inference: Analysis of a party political broadcast (by Jucker, Andreas H.), p121-137
  • 8. The Rhetoric of Trivialization: The coverage of right wing extremism and Neonazism in Austria's most read tabloid (by Gruber, Helmut), p139-156
  • 9. The Media as Mediator: How foreigner discourse constructs ideology in Finnish newspapers (by Kuusisto, Pekka), p157-182
  • 10. The Pragmatics of Legitimation: The rhetoric of refugee policies in Slovenia (by Horvat, Marjeta Doupona), p183-216
  • 11. Discursive Ideologies: Rationalizing cultural violence (by Shi-xu), p217-230
  • 12. The Politics of Gender: Agency and Self-reference in Women's Discourse (by Martin-Rojo, Luisa), p231-254
  • 13. Confrontational Asymmetries in Institutional Discourse: A socio-pragmatic view of information exchange and face management (by Sarangi, Srikant), p255-275
  • 14. Minority Usage within a New Variety of English: Resistance and Conformity (by Begum, Rizwana), p277-296
  • 15. Political Correctness: Conflict-ridden language, language-ridden conflict, or both? (by Janicki, Karol), p297-312

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書名 Political Linguistics
著作者等 Bulcaen, Chris
Blommaert, Jan
シリーズ名 Belgian Journal of Linguistics 11
出版元 John Benjamins Publishing Co.
刊行年月 1998.01.01
ページ数 318p
大きさ H240 x W160
ISBN 9781588111425
ISSN 07745141
言語 英語
出版国 オランダ