Oceania and the Victorian Imagination : Where All Things are Possible

Edited by Fulton, Richard D.; Edited by Hoffenberg, Peter H.

Oceania, or the South Pacific, loomed large in the Victorian popular imagination. It was a world that interested the Victorians for many reasons, all of which suggested to them that everything was possible there. This collection of essays focuses on Oceania's impact on Victorian culture, most notably travel writing, photography, international exhibitions, literature, and the world of children. Each of these had significant impact. The literature discussed affected mainly the middle and upper classes, while exhibitions and photography reached down into the working classes, as did missionary presentations. The experience of children was central to the Pacific's effects, as youthful encounters at exhibitions, chapel, home, or school formed lifelong impressions and experience. It would be difficult to fully understand the Victorians as they understood themselves without considering their engagement with Oceania. While the contributions of India and Africa to the nineteenth-century imagination have been well-documented, examinations of the contributions of Oceania have remained on the periphery of Victorian studies. Oceania and the Victorian Imagination contributes significantly to our discussion of the non-peripheral place of Oceania in Victorian culture.

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  • Contents: Introduction, Richard D. Fulton and Peter H. Hoffenberg
  • Part 1 Travel, Exhibitions and Photography: Pacific phantasmagorias: Robert Louis Stevenson's Pacific photography, Carla Manfredi
  • 'Greater Britain': late imperial travel writing and the settler colonies, Anna Johnston
  • The South Seas exhibit at the Chicago World's Fair, 1893, Mandy Treagus
  • Displaying an Oceanic nation and society: the kingdom of Hawai'i at overseas international exhibitions, 1867-1893, Peter H. Hoffenberg. Part 2 Fiction and the Pacific: 'The white lady and the brown woman': colonial masculinity and domesticity in Louis Becke's Reef and Palm (1894), Sumangala Bhattacharya
  • Who's who in the isle of voices? How Victorian Robert Louis Stevenson viewed Pacific islanders' perceptions of Victorians and of themselves, Sylvie Largeaud Ortega
  • At home in the Empire: domesticity and masculine identity in Almayer's Folly and 'the beach of Falesa', Ingrid Ranum
  • Isolation and variation on Doctor Moreau's Oceanic Island, Genie Babb. Part 3 Childhood and Children: Cooks and queens and dreams: the South Sea Islands as fairy islands of fancy, Michelle Patricia Beissel Heath
  • The South Seas in mid-Victorian children's imagination, Richard D. Fulton
  • Watermarks on the Coral Island: the Pacific island missionary as children's hero, Michelle Elleray
  • 'Turned topsy-turvy': William Howitt, the antipodean space and Victorian children's literature, Judith Johnston
  • Select bibliography of English language secondary sources
  • Index.

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書名 Oceania and the Victorian Imagination : Where All Things are Possible
著作者等 Hoffenberg, Peter H.
Fulton, Richard D.
書名別名 Where All Things are Possible
出版元 Ashgate Publishing Group (Digital)
刊行年月 2013.04.28
版表示 New ed
ページ数 200p
ISBN 9781472404701
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス