The House In The Attic

By (author) Cardwell, Helen

It was the latest in a long line of misfortunes where Elinor was concerned. Her parents and adoptive family were both dead, and now, along with her aunt and young cousin, she was being forced to move to the isolated village of Mournsby. To her way of thinking, it could get no worse. Her life was over. But did it ever really begin? Mournsby is far from being the quiet hamlet it presents itself to be. What are the strange lights in the supposedly abandoned graveyard? Who is the mysterious figure that flits about the streets at night? And why are all the residents subject to bouts of complete memory loss? With her two friends, Elinor must piece together the murderous history of the village and also confront her own deadly secret. But can she do so before the Mournsby Curse claims another victim?

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書名 The House In The Attic
著作者等 Cardwell, Helen
刊行年月 2012.06.08
ページ数 146p
大きさ H210 x W148
ISBN 9781471730696
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス