Human Artificial Insemination and Semen Preservation

Edited by David, Georges


  • I. Present Status of Artificial Insemination With Donor Semen(AID) and Sperm Banks.- Present Status of AID and Sperm Banks in the United States.- AID and Sperm Banks in Great Britain.- The Organization of the Centers for the Study and Preservation of Semen in France.- Present Status of Donor Insemination in Belgium.- Artificial Insemination and Sperm Banks: The Canadian Experience.- Present Status of Sperm Banks in Switzerland.- Present Status of AID and Sperm Banks in Denmark.- AID and Sperm Bank Development in Israel.- Artificial Insemination and Semen Banks in Italy.- The First Sperm Bank in Spain: Organization and First Year Results.- Human Semen Bank at The Spanish Social Security Hospital.- II. Organization and Management of Sperm Banks.- Organisation of Sperm Banks on a National Basis.- The Use of Minicomputers in Sperm Bank Management.- Establishment of a Central Semen Bank in Denmark Supplying 22 Gynecological Departments.- Sperm Banks and Donor Recruitment in France.- III. Semen Cryopreservation.- Historical Synopsis of Human Semen Cryobanking.- Quantitative Ultrastructural Modifications in Human Spermatozoa after Freezing.- Comparison of Cryoprotection Techniques: A Light and Electron Microscopy Study.- Effect of Cryopreservation on Acrosomal Protein of Human Spermatozoa.- Biochemical Modifications of Frozen Semen.- Effects of Freezing on Spermatozoa Motility.- Semen Freezing in 0.5 and 0.25 ML Straws.- Survival of Human Spermatozoa after Freezing with Different Techniques.- Clinical Use of Human Semen After Long-Term Storage.- Limits of Long Term Semen Cryopreservation.- The Role of Cryobanking in Artificial Insemination.- IV. Artificial Insemination with Donor Semen (AID): Clinical Results.- The Efficacy of Natural Insemination: A Comparative Standard for AID.- Mode of Evaluation of Results in Artificial Insemination.- Results of AID for a First and Succeeding Pregnancies.- Artificial Insemination with Frozen Human Semen: 227 cases.- Results of AID in 865 couples.- Artificial Insemination with Frozen Spermatozoa: Results from 1967 to 1978.- Artificial Insemination with Frozen Donor Semen: Results in 604 Women.- Results of Heterologous Insemination at the University of Berne Gynecology Clinic.- Results of AID with Fresh and Frozen Semen: 488 Cases.- Physical and Mental Development of Children Born Through AID.- Comparison of Results of AID with Fresh and Frozen Semen.- Clinical Comparison of Fresh and Frozen Semen.- V. Artificial Insemination with Donor Semen (AID): Factors Influencing Success.- The Female Factor in AID.- The Male Factor in AID Requests: 558 Cases.- Evaluation of Female Fertility before AID.- Importance of Insemination Timing and Frequency in AID.- The Serial Assessment of Graafian Follicle Growth by Ultrasonic Means for Timing AID.- Echographic Study of Ovulation.- Methods and Results for Regulated Ovulation in Artificial Insemination.- VI. Artificial Insemination with Donor Semen (AID): Genetic Considerations.- Genetic Aspects of Artificial Insemination.- Population Genetics and AID.- Artificial Insemination and Consanguinity.- Chromosome Studies in 1942 Women before Artificial Insemination with Donor Semen.- VII. Artificial Insemination with Donor Semen (AID): Psychological Aspects.- Problems Related to Requests for AID and Psychological Assistance Offered to Couples.- Psycho-Dynamic Discussions with Couples Requesting AID.- Is There a Right to AID?.- Handling of Secrecy by AID Couples.- Difficulties Encountered by Infertile Couples Facing AID.- Modifications of Female Fertility in AID Due to Psychological Factors.- Non-Organic Sexual Disorders as an Indication for AID.- Artificial Insemination and the Genetic Defect Crisis: A Review of Quality Control and Crisis Management.- Evaluation of AID Donors: Medical and Psychological Aspects. A Preliminary Report.- Psychological Aspects of Semen Donation.- Follow-up Study on Children Born Through AID.- Attempt at Follow-up of Children Born Through AID.- VIII. Artificial Insemination with Donor Semen (AID): Social, Legal and Ethical Considerations.- Artificial Insemination: Is There a Movement Towards a European Legislation?.- Legal Aspects of AID.- Legal Status in France of Children Born as a Result of AID.- AID: An Overview of Ethical Issues.- Public Opinion on AID and Sterility.- IX. Artificial Insemination with Husband Semen (AIH) Clinical Results, Semen Improvement and Autopreservation.- Results of AIH in 1475 Patients.- AIH for Semen Insufficiency: 119 Cases.- AIH for Cases of Spermatozoa Antibodies and Oligozoospermia.- Intrauterine Insemination as a Treatment of Immunological Infertility in the Male.- Freeze Preservation of Isolated Populations of Highly Motile Human Spermatozoa.- Motility of Human Spermatozoa after Migration in Bovine Serum Albumin.- Pharmacodynamic Studies on Human Spermatozoa Motility in vitro by Use of Laser Doppler Spectroscopy.- Laboratory Analysis of Split Ejaculates.- Use of Washed Sperm for Removal of Sperm Antibodies.- Fertilization Capacity of Frozen Semen in Autopreservation.- Urological Indications for Sperm Preservation.- Nephrological Indications for Semen Preservation.- Contributors.

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書名 Human Artificial Insemination and Semen Preservation
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