Six Sigma for Powerful Improvement : A Green Belt Dmaic Training Course with Excel Tools

By (author) Carroll, Charles T.

The Six Sigma Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) philosophy and procedures are widely accepted as valuable tools for achieving the most economical and rigorous possible understanding and management of all aspects of operations. This book presents methods and strategy that should alleviate unwarranted concerns about the perceived complexity and training and implementation costs of DMAIC. The author clarifies the long-accepted statistical and logical processes of Six Sigma. He uses the Excel environment to illustrate how modern business people can properly execute its doctrine and procedures to improve any venture.

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  • Define Phase Define Phase Overview Identify Preliminary Requirements - Step #1 Tool Training: Voice Of The Customer (Voc) Develop Team Charter - Step #2 Define A High Level Process Map - Step #3 Measure Phase Measure Phase Overview Select Ctq Characteristics - Step #4 Tool Training: Excel Quality Function Deployment (Qfd) Workbook Define Performance Standards - Step #5 Tool Training: 7 Process Improvement Tools Establish Data Collection Plan & Measurement System Analysis (Msa) - Step #6 Analyze Phase Analyze Phase Overview Establish Process Capability - Step #7 Define Performance Objectives - Step #8 Identify Sources Of Variation And Waste (Problems) - Step #9 Tool Training: Change Acceptance Management Tool Training: Project Solution Recommendation Package Tool Improve Phase Improve Phase Overview Experimenting And Piloting - Step #10 (Screen Potential Causes) & Step #11 (Discover Variable Relationships) Confirming Solutions, Setting Tolerances And Documenting - Step #12 Control Phase Control Phase Overview Validate Measurement System And Confirm Solution To Management - Step #13 Build Process Control Plan - Step #14 Transfer Solution To Process Owner And Close Project - Step #15 Appendices Accompanying Compact Disk (Cd) Contents Glossary Acronyms And Abbreviations Dmaic Project Guidelines And Checklists Example Of A "Lessons Learned" Form Filled Out By A Team Member Example Of An Administrative Closing Document Dpmo To Sigma Conversion Table Distribution Tables Index

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書名 Six Sigma for Powerful Improvement : A Green Belt Dmaic Training Course with Excel Tools
著作者等 Carroll, Charles T.
書名別名 A Green Belt Dmaic Training Course with Excel Tools
出版元 Taylor & Francis Inc
刊行年月 2013.05.28
ページ数 448p
ISBN 9781466564701
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国