Heat Pipes and Solid Sorption Transformations : Fundamentals and Practical Applications

Edited by Vasiliev, L.L.; Edited by Kakac, Sadik

Developing clean energy and utilizing waste energy has become increasingly vital. Research targeting the advancement of thermally powered adsorption cooling technologies has progressed in the past few decades, and the awareness of fuel cells and thermally activated (heat pipe heat exchangers) adsorption systems using natural refrigerants and/or alternatives to hydrofluorocarbon-based refrigerants is becoming ever more important. Heat Pipes and Solid Sorption Transformations: Fundamentals and Practical Applications concentrates on state-of-the-art adsorption research and technologies for relevant applications based on the use of efficient heat transfer devices-heat pipe and two-phase thermosyphons-with the objectives of energy efficiency and sustainability. This book also discusses heat pipe thermal control as it relates to spacecraft applications. The first few chapters of Heat Pipes and Solid Sorption Transformations: Fundamentals and Practical Applications focus on heating and cooling, the principles of adsorption, adsorption dynamics, and the availability of three-phase boundaries. Other chapters cover successful heat pipe applications and heat-pipe-based thermal control of fuel cells, solid sorption transformers, and electronic components and air-condition devices. The final chapters summarize the achievements in the field of heat and mass transfer study in heat pipes with variable properties such as gas loaded heat pipes. Several configurations of thermosyphons are showcased, with suggested applications. A number of examples of equipment using the thermosyphon technology are presented and, in the final chapter, the concept of flow boiling and flow condensation heat transfer in micochannels is analyzed in detail.

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  • A Review of Modeling Approaches to Heat and Mass Transfers in Porous Wicks Sassi Ben Nasrallah and Marc Prat Thermally Powered Adsorption Cooling: Recent Trends and Applications B B Saha and I I El-Sharkawy Optimization of Adsorption Dynamics in Adsorptive Heat Transformers: Experiment and Modeling Yuri I Aristov Mechanisms of Intensive Heat Transfer for Different Modes of Boiling Victor V Yagov A Review of Practical Applications of Heat Pipes and Innovative Application of Opportunities for Global Warming M Mochizuki, A Akbarzadeh and T Nguyen Heat Pipes and Thermosyphons for Thermal Management of Solid Sorption Machines and Fuel Cells L L Vasiliev and L L Vasiliev Jr Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Sorption and Chemisorption Heat Converters and Their Optimisation L L Vasiliev, O S Rabinovich, N V Pavlyukevich and M Yu Liakh Sorption Systems with Heat Pipe Thermal Management for Hydrogenous Gas Storage and Transportation L L Vasiliev and L E Kanonchik Fundamental Questions of Closed Two-Phase Thermosyphons M K Bezrodny Thermal Control Systems with Variable Conductance Heat Pipes for Space Application: Theory and Practice V M Baturkin Thermosyphon Technology for Industrial Applications Marcia B H Mantelli Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer with Phase Change in Minichannels and Microchannels V V Kuznetsov and S A Safonov Index

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書名 Heat Pipes and Solid Sorption Transformations : Fundamentals and Practical Applications
著作者等 Kakac, Sadik
Vasiliev, L.L.
書名別名 Fundamentals and Practical Applications
出版元 Taylor & Francis Inc
刊行年月 2013.05.17
ページ数 536p
ISBN 9781466564152
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国