System Dynamics and Control with Bond Graph Modeling

By (author) Kypuros, Javier A.

Written by a professor with extensive teaching experience, System Dynamics and Control with Bond Graph Modeling treats system dynamics from a bond graph perspective. Using an approach that combines bond graph concepts and traditional approaches, the author presents an integrated approach to system dynamics and automatic controls. The textbook guides students from the process of modeling using bond graphs, through dynamic systems analysis in the time and frequency domains, to classical and state-space controller design methods. Each chapter contains worked examples, review exercises, problems that assess students' grasp of concepts, and open-ended "challenges" that bring in real-world engineering practices. It also includes innovative vodcasts and animated examples, to motivate student learners and introduce new learning technologies.

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  • Part I Dynamic System Modeling Introduction to System Dynamics Introduction System Decomposition and Model Complexity Mathematical Modeling of Dynamic Systems Analysis and Design of Dynamic Systems Control of Dynamic Systems Diagrams of Dynamic Systems A Graph-Centered Approach to Modeling Summary Practice Exercises Basic Bond Graph Elements Introduction Power and Energy Variables Basic 1-Port Elements Basic 2-Ports Elements Junction Elements Simple Bond Graph Examples Summary Practice Exercises Bond Graph Synthesis and Equation Derivation Introduction General Guidelines Mechanical Translation Mechanical Rotation Electrical Circuits Hydraulic Circuits Mixed Systems State Equation Derivation State-Space Representations Algebraic Loops and Derivative Causality Summary Practice Exercises Impedance Bond Graphs Introduction Laplace Transform of the State-Space Equation Basic 1-Port Impedances Impedance Bond Graph Synthesis Junctions, Transformers, and Gyrators Effort and Flow Dividers Sign Changes Transfer Function Derivation Alternative Derivation of Transfer Function Summary Practice Exercises Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation Introduction Basic Transient Responses State-Space Simulations Transfer Function Simulations Applications Summary Part II Analysis and Control Laplace Transforms Introduction Complex Numbers The Laplace Transformation Common Functions and Their Transforms Advanced Transformations Inverse Laplace Transformations Partial Fraction Expansions Solving Linear Time Invariant Systems Summary Practice Exercises Time Domain Analysis Introduction Transient Responses of First-Order Systems Transient Responses of Second-Order Systems Transient Responses of Higher-Order Systems State Space Analysis Summary Practice Exercises Frequency Domain Analysis Introduction The Sinusoidal Transfer Function The Bode Diagram Frequency Responses of First-Order Systems Frequency Responses of Second-Order Systems Frequency Responses of Higher-Order Systems Free Vibration Rotating Assemblies AC Circuits Summary Practice Exercises Classical Control Systems Introduction Block Diagrams and Bond Graphs Transient Response Analysis of Closed-Loop Systems Transient Response Characteristics and Design Specifications Stability Analysis Analysis Using the Root Locus Design of Lead-Lag Compensators Design of PID Compensators Summary Practice Exercises Modern Control Systems Introduction Control System Analysis in the State Space Control Design Using Pole Placement State Observers Optimal Control and the Linear Quadratic Regulator Summary Practice Exercises

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書名 System Dynamics and Control with Bond Graph Modeling
著作者等 Kypuros, Javier A.
出版元 Taylor & Francis Inc
刊行年月 2013.04.15
ページ数 519p
ISBN 9781466560765
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国