Mapping Clinical Value Streams

By (author) Jackson, Thomas L.

Tens of thousands of patients die unnecessarily every year as a result of errors and defects in our healthcare processes. Those that survive often pay too much for the privilege. The value stream mapping methods described in Mapping Clinical Value Streams will help you achieve more efficient health care processes and will pave the way to an improved medical system with significantly reduced medical errors and other costly waste. Part of the Lean Tools in Healthcare series, this user-friendly book will help you understand how to use value stream mapping to provide quality, patient-centered care. Value stream mapping is a powerful tool for observing and depicting processes as they truly are-and for envisioning and reconfiguring the same processes to eliminate errors and other waste. With this book, you'll learn how to: Map current-state processes Create a future-state map with processes streamlined through "flow" and "pull" Manage the rollout of your future state with "A3" project plans Presented in a highly organized and easy-to-assimilate format, the book includes examples from actual healthcare processes, plus numerous illustrations and margin assists that call your attention to key points. Value stream mapping icons make it easy to see and understand the ebb and flow of healthcare processes. Each chapter also includes a summary for quick review. Throughout the book you will be asked to reflect on questions that will help you apply these concepts and techniques to your own workplace. To be competitive in today's marketplace, you cannot afford to leave processes unexamined, or let them become haphazard. You must apply conscious, quality attention to continuously see and fix your healthcare processes. In Mapping Clinical Value Streams, Shingo Prize-winning author Thomas L. Jackson shows you how.

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  • Getting Started The Purpose of This Book What This Book Is Based On Two Ways to Use This Book How to Get the Most out of Your Reading Become Familiar with This Book Become Familiar with Each Chapter How a Reading Strategy Works Using the Margin Assists An Overview of the Contents Chapter 1: Getting Started Chapter 2: The Production Processes and Operations of Healthcare Chapter 3: Value Streams and the Mapping Process Chapter 4: Map the Current State Chapter 5: Map the Future State: Phase I-Flow Chapter 6: Map the Future State: Phase II-Pull Chapter 7: Implement the Future State Chapter 8: Reflections and Conclusions The Production Processes and Operations of Healthcare The Industrial Origins of Lean Healthcare Production, Process, and Operation Principles of Lean Healthcare Management Standard Work Autonomation Flow Production PDCA Socratic Method Summary Reflections Value Streams and the Mapping Process Mapping Clinical Value Streams What Is Value? The Seven Wastes and the Purpose of Value Stream Mapping Patient as Customer versus Participant What Is a Value Stream? The Value Stream Mapping Process Using Value Stream Mapping Icons Summary Reflections Map the Current State The Power of Direct Observation Building a Current-State Map Choose a Service Family Identify the Patient Walk the Value Stream and Gather Data Identify Sequential Operations in the Process Identify Operational Metrics Identify Waits between Operations Document How Work Is Prioritized Identify Manual and Electronic Information Flows Identify External Patient Flows Build a Process Time Line and Calculate Summary Statistics Another Example Summary Reflections Map the Future State: Phase I-Flow Principles of Flow Production in Healthcare Building a Future-State Map with Flow Produce Services to Takt Time Eliminate Waits to Flow the Process Create Continuous Flow with Clinical Cells Summary Reflections Map the Future State-Phase II: Pull Introduction If You Cannot Flow, Pull Link Separate Processes with FIFO Lanes FIFO Lanes and Reaction Plans Where to Use FIFO Lanes Is FIFO Consistent with Patient Safety? Pull Production with Buffers When to Use Buffers Examples of Buffers Push Me, Pull You Pull to the Pacemaker Level the Production Volume Level the Case Mix Summary Reflections Implement the Future State Focus Loop the "Loops" Hoshin Kanri, A3-Ts, and PDCA Plan: Write an A3-T for Each Loop Do: Conduct Kaizen Workshops Check and Act: Develop Leader Standard Work Where to Begin? Summary Reflections Reflections and Conclusions Reflecting on What You Have Learned Applying What You Have Learned Possibilities for Applying What You Have Learned Applying Value Stream Mapping in Your Organization Your Personal Action Plan Opportunities for Further Learning Conclusions Appendix Further Reading about Value Stream Mapping Further Reading about Lean Healthcare Useful Websites

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書名 Mapping Clinical Value Streams
著作者等 Jackson, Thomas L.
シリーズ名 Lean Tools for Healthcare Series
出版元 Taylor & Francis Inc
刊行年月 2013.05.03
ページ数 123p
ISBN 9781466551862
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国