Mems : Fundamental Technology and Applications

Edited by Choudhary, Vikas; Edited by Iniewski, Krzysztof

The microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) industry has experienced explosive growth over the last decade. Applications range from accelerometers and gyroscopes used in automotive safety to high-precision on-chip integrated oscillators for reference generation and mobile phones. MEMS: Fundamental Technology and Applications brings together groundbreaking research in MEMS technology and explores an eclectic set of novel applications enabled by the technology. The book features contributions by top experts from industry and academia from around the world. The contributors explain the theoretical background and supply practical insights on applying the technology. From the historical evolution of nano micro systems to recent trends, they delve into topics including: Thin-film integrated passives as an alternative to discrete passives The possibility of piezoelectric MEMS Solutions for MEMS gyroscopes Advanced interconnect technologies Ambient energy harvesting Bulk acoustic wave resonators Ultrasonic receiver arrays using MEMS sensors Optical MEMS-based spectrometers The integration of MEMS resonators with conventional circuitry A wearable inertial and magnetic MEMS sensor assembly to estimate rigid body movement patterns Wireless microactuators to enable implantable MEMS devices for drug delivery MEMS technologies for tactile sensing and actuation in robotics MEMS-based micro hot-plate devices Inertial measurement units with integrated wireless circuitry to enable convenient, continuous monitoring Sensors using passive acousto-electric devices in wired and wireless systems Throughout, the contributors identify challenges and pose questions that need to be resolved, paving the way for new applications. Offering a wide view of the MEMS landscape, this is an invaluable resource for anyone working to develop and commercialize MEMS applications.

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  • Breakthrough Technology Microsystems to Nano-Microsystems: A Technological Breakthrough Hauden Daniel HfO2-Based High-kappa Dielectrics for Use in MEMS Applications Bing Miao, Rajat Mahapatra, Nick Wright, and Alton Horsfall Piezoelectric Thin Films for MEMS Applications Isaku Kanno CMOS Systems and Interfaces for sub-deg/hr Microgyroscopes Ajit Sharma, Mohammad Faisal Zaman, and Farrokh Ayazi Bulk Acoustic Wave Gyroscopes Houri Johari Mechanically Flexible Interconnects and TSVs: Applications in CMOS/MEMS Integration Hyung Suk Yang, Paragkumar Thadesar, Chaoqi Zhang, and Muhannad Bakir Modeling of Piezoelectric MEMS Vibration Energy Harvesters Marcin Marzencki and Skandar Basrour Interface Circuits for Capacitive MEMS Gyroscopes Hongzhi Sun and Huikai Xie Electromechanical Loops for High-Performance and Robust Gyroscope System Design Vikas Choudhary, Abhinav Dikshit, Anjan Kumar, Deva Phanindra Kumar, Saravanan Kamatchi, and Nemai Biswas MEMS-Based Novel Applications Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators for Mobile Communication Systems Sumy Jose Wideband Ultrasonic Transmitter and Sensor Array for In-Air Applications J.R. Gonzalez, Mohamed Saad, and Chris J. Bleakley MEMS-Based Lamellar Grating Fourier Transform Spectrometers Hongbin Yu, Guangya Zhou, and Fook Siong Chau Microelectromechanical Resonators for RF Applications Frederic Nabki, Tomas A. Dusatko, and Mourad N. El-Gamal Rigid Body Motion Capturing by Means of Wearable Inertial and Magnetic MEMS Sensor Assembly-From Reconstitution of the Posture toward Dead Reckoning: An Application in Bio-Logging Hassen Fourati, Noureddine Manamanni, Lissan Afilal, and Yves Handrich Radio-Controlled Wireless MEMS Actuators and Applications Mohamed Sultan Mohamed Ali and Kenichi Takahata Advanced MEMS Technologies for Tactile Sensing and Actuation M. Amato, Massimo De Vittorio, and S. Petroni MEMS-Based Micro Hot-Plate Devices Jurgen Hildenbrand, Andreas Greiner, and Jan G. Korvink A Wireless Sensor Networks Enabled Inertial Sensor Yao-Chiang Kan Passive Radio-Frequency Acoustic Sensors and Systems for Wired and Wireless Applications Sylvain Ballandras, Gilles Martin, Jean-Michel Friedt, Victor Plessky, Virginie Blondeau-Patissier, William Daniau, Thomas Baron, Luc Chommeloux, Stephane Tourette, Jean-Francois Leguen, Bruno Francois, Christophe Droit, Meddy Vanotti, Marc Lamothe, David Rabus, Nicolas Chretien, and Emile Carry Index

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書名 Mems : Fundamental Technology and Applications
著作者等 Iniewski, Krzysztof
Choudhary, Vikas
書名別名 Fundamental Technology and Applications
シリーズ名 Devices, Circuits, and Systems
出版元 Taylor & Francis Inc
刊行年月 2013.05.24
ページ数 478p
ISBN 9781466515826
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国