Mathematical Card Magic : Fifty-Two New Effects

By (author) Mulcahy, Colm

Mathematical card effects offer both beginning and experienced magicians an opportunity to entertain with a minimum of props. Featuring mostly original creations, Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects presents an entertaining look at new mathematically based card tricks. Each chapter contains four card effects, generally starting with simple applications of a particular mathematical principle and ending with more complex ones. Practice a handful of the introductory effects and, in no time, you'll establish your reputation as a "mathemagician." Delve a little deeper into each chapter and the mathematics gets more interesting. The author explains the mathematics as needed in an easy-to-follow way. He also provides additional details, background, and suggestions for further explorations. Suitable for recreational math buffs and amateur card lovers or as a text in a first-year seminar, this color book offers a diverse collection of new mathemagic principles and effects.

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  • Colm: Cool and Collected by Max Maven Hit the Deck Running Tips of the Trade The Ratings Game Principles Convention Center Low-Down Triple Dealing Three Scoop Miracle-Done Magic Before? Any Card (and Any Magician) Triple Revelation Ace Combination For Richer or Poorer Alphabetical Triple Addition Subtler Bracelet From Alpha to Omega Volunteer Four Hours Poker Powers Ditch the Dud Worst-Case Scenario Full House Blues Poker with Any Ten Cards More Additional Certainties Little Fibs Consolidating Your Cards Matching Interest Rates Any Two Cards (No Fibbing) Off-Centered COATs Celebrity Selection Never Forget a Face Oddly Enough My Lucky Number Is Seven Gilbreath Variations Easy as Pi Lucky Number between One and Thirteen Unadditional Love Tapped Out Word Row The Biggest Names in Magic Twisting the Knight Away Easy as Tau (I Prefer Pi) Intrinsically Disordered Bligreath and Beyond Matchmaker Instincts The Guessing Game Flushed with Embarrassment Wholesome Threesomes Flipping Miracles I'll Be Lucking Out for You Coprime Twins Royal Flush at the Eleventh Hour Any Mathemagician Red, Black, Silver, and Gold Double Location Top Twenty Hit What's Black and Red and Red All Over? Gold and Silver Slippery Slopes Ten Soldiers Slippery Enough Erdos Numbers No Drama Queen Hamming It Down A Horse of a Different Color Multiple Personality Poker-Faced And Now for Something Completely Different The Hidden Value of Cards Fitch Cheney's Five-Card Twist Eigen's Value Ups and Downs Fitch Four Glory Coda Acknowledgements Bibliography Index

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書名 Mathematical Card Magic : Fifty-Two New Effects
著作者等 Mulcahy, Colm
書名別名 Fifty-Two New Effects
出版元 Taylor & Francis Inc
刊行年月 2013.04.20
ページ数 380p
ISBN 9781466509788
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国