Metallurgical Effects at High Strain Rates

Edited by Rohde, R.W.


  • Session A Tutorial Papers.- Shock Wave Physics.- Shock Wave Mechanics.- Numerical Analysis Methods.- Continuum Plasticity in Relation To Microscale Deformation Mechanisms.- Experimental Methods in Shock Wave Physics.- Metallurgical Effects of High Energy Rate Forming.- A Practical Guide To Accurate Gruneisen Equations of State.- Session B Phase Transformations.- Relation Between Dynamic and Static Phase Transformation Studies.- Characteristics of the Shock Induced Transformation in BaF2.- A Theory of the ?? ? Transition in Fe and of Possible Higher Pressure Transitions in Fe and in the Lighter Elements of the First Transition Series.- Presented Discussion.- Remanent Magnetization and Structural Effects Due to Shock In Natural and Man-Made Iron-Nickel Alloys.- Presented Discussion: Shock Induced Melt Transitions in Aluminum and Bismuth.- Discussion: Rapid Melting of Aluminum Induced by Pulsed Electron Beam Exposure.- Session C Dislocation Drag Mechanisms.- Microscopic Mechanisms of Dislocation Drag.- Discussion.- Discussion.- Author's Reply.- Experimental Measurement of the Drag Coefficient.- Discussion.- Author's Reply.- The Role of Dislocation Drag in Shock Waves.- Discussion.- Discussion.- Author's Reply.- Plastic Deformation at Low Temperatures and Drag Mechanisms.- Session D Dislocation Dynamics.- Dislocation Mechanics at High Strain Rates.- Discussion.- A Microdynamical Approach to Constitutive Modeling of Shock-Induced Deformation.- Wave Propagation in Beryllium Single Crystals.- Shock-Induced Dynamic Yielding in Lithium Fluoride Single Crystals.- Effects of Microstructure and Temperature on Dynamic Deformation of Single Crystal Zinc.- Discussion.- Author's Reply.- A Constitutive Relation for Deformation Twinning in Body Centered Cubic Metals.- Session E Fracture Processes.- Models of Spall Fracture by Hole Growth.- Discussion.- Observations of Spallation and Attenuation Effects in Aluminium and Beryllium From Free-Surface Velocity Measurements.- Effects of Metallurgical Parameters on Dynamic Fracture.- Wave Propagation and Spallation in Textured Beryllium.- The Influence of Microstructural Features on Dynamic Fracture.- Session F Deformation Mechanics.- Work Softening of Ti-6A1-4V Due to Adiabatic Heating.- Thermal Instability Strain in Dynamic Plastic Deformation.- The Propagation of Adiabatic Shear.- Shear Strength of Impact Loaded X-Cut Quartz as Indicated By Electrical Response Measurements (Abstract Only).- Metallurgical Effects at High Strain Rates in the Secondary Shear Zone of the Machining Operation.- Miniature Explosive Bonding With a Primary Explosive.- Session G Microstructural Effects.- Microstructural Effects of High Strain Rate Deformation.- The Substructure and Properties of Explosively Loaded Cu-8.6% Ge.- Fragmentation, Structure and Mechanical Properties of Some Steels and Pure Aluminum After Shock Loading.- Twinning in Shock Loaded Fe-A1 Alloys.- Discussion.- Annealing of Shock-Deformed Copper.- Energy Absorption and Substructure in Shock Loaded Copper Single Crystals.- X-Ray Topography of Shock Loaded Copper Crystals.- The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Explosion Welded 6061 Aluminum Alloy.- Discussion.- Author's Reply.

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書名 Metallurgical Effects at High Strain Rates
著作者等 Rohde, R.W.
出版元 Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
刊行年月 2012.08.11
版表示 Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1973
ページ数 716p
大きさ H244 x W170
ISBN 9781461586982
言語 英語
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