Computational Neuroscience : Trends in Research, 1998

Edited by Bower, James M.

Proceedings of an Annual Conference held in Big Sky, Montana, July 6-10, 1997

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  • Subcellular: Response-Field Dynamics in the Auditory Pathway
  • D.A. Depireux, et al. Rapid Categorization of Extrafoveal Natural Images: Implications for Biological Models
  • M. Fabre-Thorpe, et al. Cortical Activity Pattern in Complex Tasks
  • F. Frisone, et al. Cellular: Resolving the Paradoxical Effect of Activity on Synapse Elimination
  • M.J. Barber, J.W. Lichtman. Cellular Mechanisms of Calcium Elevation Involved in Long Term Memory
  • K.T. Blackwell, et al. Temporal Characteristics of V1 Cells Arising from Synaptic Depression
  • F.S. Chance, et al. Network: An Oscillating Cortical Network Model of Sensory-Motor Timing and Coordination
  • B. Baird. Pattern-Generator-Driven Development in Self-Organizing Models
  • J.A. Bednar, R. Miikkulainen. Systems: Finite Element Decomposition of Human Neocortex
  • D.A. Batte, et al. Path Integration in the Rat Head-Direction Circuit
  • H.T. Blair, et al. Methodology: The Paperless Laboratory: An Integrated Environment for Data Acquisition, Analysis, Archiving, and Collaboration
  • T.D. Coates, Jr. The Qualitative Reasoning Neuron: A New Approach to Modeling in Computational Neuroscience
  • J.L. Krichmar, et al. 93 Additional Articles. Index.

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書名 Computational Neuroscience : Trends in Research, 1998
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書名別名 Trends in Research, 1998
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