Integrated Neuroscience : A Clinical Problem Solving Approach

By (author) Marcus, Elliott M.; By (author) Jacobson, Stanley

This first and second year medical school textbook provides a single text for the medical student to learn neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropathology and clinical neurology. Key features of this volume include: *up-to-date methodology and techniques; *case studies and problem solving questions in each chapter designed for weekly discussion groups or courses entirely on neurological history and examination.

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  • Preface. Dedication. Section I: Introduction to Basic Neurobiology. 1. Overview of the nervous system. 2. Overview of localization of function and neurological diagnosis. 3. Neurocytology. 4. Neuroembryology. 5. Basic Physiology. Section II: Regional Approach to Neuroanatomy and Localization. 6. Skeletal Muscle and Nerve-Muscle Junction. 7. Spinal Cord: Structure and Physiology. 8. Disease of Peripheral Nerve and Nerve Root. 9. Clinical Considerations of the Spinal Cord. 10. Case History Problem Solving Part I: Spinal Cord, Nerve Root. 11. Functional Anatomy of the Brain Stem. 12. Cranial Nerves. 13. Brain Stem: Clinical Considerations. 14. Case History Problem Solving Part II: Brain Stem and Cranial Nerves. 15. Diencephlaon. Section III: Major Systems. 16. Hypothalamus, Neuroendocrine and Autonomic systems. 17. Cerebral cortex, Cytoarchitecture, Functional localization. 18. Motor System I: Reflex Activity and Cortical Motor Function. 19. Motor System II: Basal Ganglia and Movement Disorders. 20. Motor System III: Cerebellum and Movement. 21. Somatosensory Function and the Parietal Lobe. 22. Limbic System. 23. Visual system. 24. Speech, Language, Cerebral Dominance and the Aphasias. 25. Case History Problem Solving III: Cortical Localization. 26. Disease of the Cerebral Hemispheres: I: Vascular Syndromes. 27. Disease of the Cerebral Hemispheres: II: Non Vascular. 28. Case History Problem Solving IV: Cerebral Hemispheres. Section IV: Complex Functions. 29. Alterations in Consciousness: Seizures, Coma, and Sleep. 30. Learning, Memory, Amnesia, Dementias. 31. Case History Problem Solving: V: Part I General Histories. 31A. Case History Problem Solving V: Part II General Case Histories. Table of Contents: CD. Atlas PDF Format. Cases in Long Format: PDF Format. Cranial Nerve: Illustrations in PDF Format. Special Senses. Pathways in the CNS PDF Format. Supplemental. Index.

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書名 Integrated Neuroscience : A Clinical Problem Solving Approach
著作者等 Jacobson, Stanley
Marcus, Elliott M.
書名別名 A Clinical Problem Solving Approach
出版元 Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
刊行年月 2012.11.01
版表示 Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2003
ページ数 756p
大きさ H254 x W178
ISBN 9781461353836
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国