Cardiac Remodeling and Failure

Edited by Singal, Pawan K.; Edited by Dixon, Ian M. C. (St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre); Edited by Kirshenbaum, Lorrie A.; Edited by Dhalla, Naranjan S.

The importance of the developmental approach for experimental and clinical cardiology is indisputable. Clinical-epidemiological studies have clearly shown that the risk factors of serious cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease, are already present during the early phases of ontogenetic development. Furthermore, congenital cardiovascular malformations remain the single largest cause of infant mortality from congenital defects in industrial countries. It is therefore not surprising that the interest of theoretical and clinical cardiologists in the developmental approach keeps increasing. Advances in molecular biology accelerated this trend substantially. This book is based on contributions presented at the international symposium The Developing Heart in Prague in May 2000. It is our contention that the biological, electrophysiological, morphological, functional, biochemical and functional approaches employed by distinguished scientists worldwide will provide the reader with a global picture for changes characterizing the developing heart. It should stimulate the curiosity of cardiovascular scientists in gaining insight into the mechanisms of normal and pathological development.

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  • Dedication: A Tribute to Dr. Norman Alpert. Preface. Acknowledgments. I: Heart Failure and Therapies. 1. Pathophysiology of Heart Failure: Role of Oxygen Free Radicals
  • J. Kalra. 2. Therapeutics in Congestive Heart Failure: From Hemodynamics to Neurohormones
  • S.R. Goldsmith. 3. Dilated Cardiomyopathies and Congestive Heart Failure
  • B. Maisch, et al. 4. The Failing SHHF Rat Heart
  • R.A. Altschuld, et al. 5. Increased Expression of Na+-Ca2+ Exchanger in the Myocardium. Impact on Contractility and Arrhythmogenesis in Heart Failure
  • W. Schillinger, G. Hasenfuss. 6. Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Proteins and Potential Targets for Gene Therapy of Heart Failure
  • J.M.J. Lamers, et al. 7. Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Gene Expression of Ca2+-Cycling Proteins as a Target for the Treatment of Heart Failure
  • T. Netticadan, et al. 8. Effects of the Beta-Adrenoceptor Blocker Carvedilol in Children with Myocardial Failure
  • H. Scholz, et al. 9. The Contractile and Neurohormonal Roles of Phospholamban in Heart Failure
  • R. Dash, E.G. Kranias. 10. Annexins: Roles in the Regulation of Ca2+ Handling Proteins During Heart Failure
  • E. Camors, et al. 11. Modulators of Myofibrillar Function: Implications in Myocardial Failure
  • P. Vanburen, et al. II: Remodeling and Heart Failure. 12. Structural Remodeling of Cardiac Myocytes in Hypertrophy and Progression to Failure
  • A.M. Gerdes, Xuejun Wang. 13. Three-Dimensional Imaging of Microvascular Morphology and Remodeling in Acute and Chronic Myocarditis
  • A. Takeda, et al. 14. Alterations in Hemodynamic and Neurohumoral Responses to Exercise in Swine with Left Ventricular Remodeling Early After Myocardial Infarction. Role of Blunted NO Bioavailability? D.B. Haitsma, et al. 15. Sheep Models of Postinfarction Left Ventricular Remodeling
  • L.H. Edmunds, et al. 16. Echocardiographic Characterizatoin of the Cardiovascular Phenotype in Mouse Models
  • B.D. Hoit. 17. A Novel Role for Cytokine Signaling in Cardiac Remodeling
  • K. Yamauchi-Rakihara, et al. 18. Effects of Angiotensin II Receptor Blockade and Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor on Ventricular Remodeling After Myocardial Infarction: With Special References to Sarcoplasmic Reticulum and its mRNA
  • E. Geshi, et al. 19. The Effect of Bradykinin on the Remodeling of Pressure-Overloaded Myocardium
  • S. Mochizuki, et al. 20. Catecholamines and Cardiac Remodeling
  • H.-G. Zimmer. 21. Matrix Degradative Enzyme Activities on Cardiac Remodeling in Heart Failure
  • N. Makino, et al. 22. On Atrial Remodeling and Drug Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
  • L. Szekeres. III: Biology of Heart Failure. 23. Infarct Scar. Living Tissue
  • K.T. Weber. 24. The Use of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Repair the Infarcted Heart
  • S. Tomita, et al. 25. Role of Na+/CA2+ Exchange in Contraction and Relaxation in Immature Ventricular Myocytes
  • S. Srivstava, et al. 26. Is an Intracrine Renin-Angiotensin System Involved in the Control of Cardiovascular Function? W.C. de Mello, R.N. Re. 27. Structural Substrates Involved in the Development of Severe Arrhythmias in Hypertensive Rat and Aged Guinea Pig Hearts
  • N. Tribul

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書名 Cardiac Remodeling and Failure
著作者等 Dhalla, Naranjan S.
Dixon, Ian M. C. (St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre)
Kirshenbaum, Lorrie A.
Singal, Pawan K.
シリーズ名 Progress in Experimental Cardiology 5
出版元 Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
刊行年月 2012.10.13
版表示 Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2003
ページ数 561p
大きさ H235 x W155
ISBN 9781461348641
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国