Anniversary volume dedicated to Masumi Chikashige : by his pupils in celebration of his sixtieth birthday

京都化學學士會 編輯.


  • Professor MASUMI CHIKASHIGE / 5
  • Masayoshi Ishibashi,Quantitative Analysis of Phosphoric Acid.Part V.New Colorimetric Determination / 1
  • Osamu Shinoda,Contributions to the Knowledge of Intestinal Secretion in Insects.IV.A Comparison of the pH Optima of the Digestive Enzymes from Different Groups of Insects.A Preliminary Note. / 9
  • Takejiro Murakami and Yoshiro Fujii,The Effect of Carbon on the Critical Pionts and Hardness of 12 per cent.Chromium Steels / 25
  • Hisakazu Nakata,Electrolytic Reduction of Dicarboxylic Acids / 49
  • Syuzo Ueno,On the Ternary Silver Alloys.III.The System of Silver,Copper and Aluminium / 57
  • Syuzo Ueno,On the Ternary Silver Alloys.IV.Mechanical Properties of Some Ternary Silver Alloys / 77
  • Teikichi Hiraizumi,Studies in Menthones / 85
  • Yoshito Yamauchi,Thermal Reduction of Sulphur in a Hydrogen Atmosphere applied to the Analysis of Iron and Steel / 111
  • Shigeru Komatsu,Biochemical Studies on the Bamboo.I. / 119
  • Choji Tanaka,Biochemical Studies on the Bamboo.II.Chemical Development in the Growth of Bamboo Shoots.I. / 139
  • Denya Kamiya,Biochemical Studies on the Bamboo.III.Chemical Development in the Growth of Bamboo Shoots II. / 149
  • Takesuke Tashima,Biochemical Studies on the Bamboo.IV.Chemical Development in the Growth of Bamboo Sheaths / 161
  • Kunitaka Nishioka,Biochemical Studies on the Bamboo.V.Chemical Development on the Growth of Bamboo Shoots / 167
  • Yasuo Sasaoka,Biochemical Studies on the Bamboo.VI.The Carbohydrates and Organic Acids of the Bamboo Shoots / 175
  • Toru Nagasawa,Biochemical Studies on the Bamboo.VII.Seasonal Variations in the Chemical Compositions of the Madake(Phyllostachys quilioi F.M.) / 183
  • Masumi Chikashige and Toshimichi Yamamoto,On the Crystal Structures of the Compounds formed in the Sb-Cd System / 195
  • Kenkyo Inaba,On the Hydrosol of Silicic Acid.I.Hydrosol made from Ethyl Silicate by Hydrolysis / 201
  • Denzo Uno,Veredlung des Mischkristalls bei den Schwermetall-Legierungen / 215
  • Keizo Iwase and Nobuyuki Nasu,Lowering of"Ideal"Eutectic Temperature in n-Component System / 223
  • Takejiro Murakami and Kazue Hatsuta,The Microstructure and the Hardness of Quenched Manganese Steels / 229
  • Takayasu Harada,Oxygen in Aluminium and a Method of its Determination / 237
  • Shinkichi Horiba and Hideo Baba,The Effect of LIght on the Osmotic Pressure of Certain Colloidal Solutions.I. / 245
  • Hideki Hirata,Hisaji Komatsubara and Yoshio Tanaka,On the Arrangement of the Micrc-Crystals in White Tin deposited by Electrolysis / 261
  • Tetsuya Ishikawa,Refractivity of a Binary Mixture and its Relation to the Molecular Size of the Components / 275
  • Eisaburo Nishibori,On the Reduction of Manganese Oxides by Carbon Monoxide / 295
  • Nobuji Sasaki and Kenji Nakamura,On the Photochemical Reaction of Iodine with Hydrogen / 299
  • Hajime Koto,On the Eutectic Point of the System Silicon-Aluminium / 303
  • Daidzi Iitsuka,On the δ-and the β-Transformations of Brasses / 305
  • Atsushi Matsubara und Fitsutaro Takubo,Uber das kathodische Verhalten von Pyrit und Chalkopyrit / 311
  • Bibliogrophy of Prof.MASUMI CHIKASHIGE / 341



書名 Anniversary volume dedicated to Masumi Chikashige : by his pupils in celebration of his sixtieth birthday
著作者等 京都化學學士會
書名別名 Anniversary volume dedicated to Masumi Chikashige : by his pupils in celebration of his sixtieth birthday
出版元 Kyoto Kagaku Gakushi kwai
刊行年月 1930.12
ページ数 348p
大きさ 25cm
言語 英語
出版国 日本