Annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics  1933

"Including Technical reports";United States Govrnment Printing Office 1934-1940年刊 の複製



  • No.441. A Flight Investigation of the Spinning of the NY-1 Airplane with Varied Mass Distribution and other Modifications,and an Analysis Based on Wind-Tunnel Tests.By Nathan F.Schudder / 37
  • No.442. A comparison Between the Theoretical and Measured Longitudinal Stability Characteristics of an Airplane.By Hartley A.Soule and John B.Wheatley / 53
  • No.443. Pressure-Distribution Measurements on the Hull and Fins of a1/40-Scale Model of the U.S.Airship Airship Akron.By Hugh B.Freeman / 67
  • No.444. Wind-Tunnel Research Comparing Lateral Control Devices Partieularly at High Angles of Attack.VI-Skewed Ailerons on Rectangular Wings.By Fred E.Weick and Thomas A.Harris / 81
  • No.445. Working Charts for the Determination of the Lift Distribution Between Biplane Wings.By Paul Kuhn / 93
  • No.446. Airfoil Section Characteristics as Affected by Protuberances.By Eastman N.Jacobs / 109
  • No.447. Static Thrust of Airplane Propellers.By Walter S.Diehl / 125
  • No.448. Improved Apparatus for the Measurement of Fluotuations of Air Speed in Turbulent Flow.By W.C.Mock,Jr.,and H.L.Dryden / 131
  • No.449. Wing Characteristics as Affected by Protuberances of Short Span.By Eastman N.Jacobs and Albert Sherman / 155
  • No.450. The Calculation of Take-Off Run.By Walter S.Diehl / 163
  • No.451. The Drag of Two Streamline Bodies as Affected by Protuberances and Appendages.By Ira H.Abbott / 171
  • No.452. General Potential Theory of Arbitrary Wing Sections.By T.Theodorsen and I.E.Garrick / 177
  • No.453. The Estimation of Maximum Load Capacity of Seaplanes and Flying Boats.By Walter S.Diehl / 211
  • No.454. Photomicrographic Studies of Fuel Sprays.By Dana W.Lee and Robert C.Spencer / 215
  • No.455. Penetration and Duration of Fuel Sprays from a Pump Injection System.By A.M.Rothrock and E.T.Marsh / 241
  • No.456. The Aerodynamic Forces and Moments Exerted on A Spinning Model of the NY-1 Airplane as Measured by the Spinning Balance.By M.J.Bamber and C.H.Zimmerman / 249
  • No.457. Maneuverability Investigation of an O3U-1 Observation Airplane.By F.L.Thompson and H.W.Kirschbaum / 263
  • No.458. Relative Loading on Biplane Wings.By Walter S.Diehl / 275
  • No.459. The N.A.C.A.Full-Scale Wind Tunnel.By Smith J.De France / 291
  • No.460. The Characteristics of 78 Related Airfoil Sections from Tests in the Variable-Density Wind Tunnel.By Eastman N.Jacobs,Kenneth E.Ward,and Robert M.Pinkerton / 299
  • No.461. Interference on an Airfoil of Finite Span in an Open Rectangular Wind Tunnel.By Theodore Theodorsen / 355
  • No.462. Tests of Nacelle-Propeller Combinations in Various Positions with Reference to Wings.III-Clark Y Wing-Various Radial-Engine Cowlings-Tractor Propeller.By Donald H.Wood / 359
  • No.463. The N.A.C.A.High-Speed Wind Tunnel and Tests of Six Propeller Sections.By John Stack / 399
  • No.464. Negative Thrust and Torque Characteristics of an Adjustable-Pitch Metal Propeller.By Edwin P.Hartmen / 421
  • No.465. Determination of the Theoretical Pressure Distribution for Twenty Airfoils.By I.E.Garrick / 433
  • No.466. Aircraft Power-Plant Instruments.By Harcourt Sontag and W.G.Brombacher / 447
  • No.467. The Experimental Determination of the Moments of Inertia of Airplanes.By Hartley A.Soule and Marvel P.Miller / 501
  • No.468. The Interference Between Struts in Various Combinations.By David Biermann and William H.Herrnstein,Jr / 515
  • No.469. Increasing the Air Charge and Scavenging the Clearance Volume of a Compression-Ignition Engine.By J.S.Spanogle,C.W.Hicks,and H.H.Foster / 525
  • No.470. The N.A.C.A.Tank-A High-Speed Towing Basin for Testing Models of Seaplane Eloats.By Starr Truscott / 535
  • No.471. Performance of a Fuel-Injection Spark-Ignition Engine Using a Hydrogenated Safety Fuel.By Oscar W.Schey and Alfred W.Young / 557
  • No.472. Wind-Tunnel Tests on Combinations of a Wing With Fixed Auxiliary Airfoils Having Various Chords and Profiles By Fred E.Weick and Robert Sanders / 567
  • No.473. Strength Tests of Thin-Walled Duralumin Cylinders in Compression.By Eugene E.Lundquist / 585
  • No.474. Nomenclature for Aeronautics.By National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics / 603



書名 Annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
著作者等 アメリカ合衆国航空諮問委員会
巻冊次 1933
出版元 Bunseisha
刊行年月 昭和18
ページ数 6冊
大きさ 27cm
言語 英語
出版国 日本