Japan trade guide : with a comprehensive mercantile directory  1957

出版者: Shinbun Rengo Sha (1935-1937), Domei Tsushin Sha (1941-1942)



  • Table of Contents
  • Preface-Saiji Hasegawa, Managing Director
  • SECTION I General Survey Of Trade And Industry
  • CHAPTER I Introduction
  • CHAPTER II Industrial Production
  • CHAPTER III Foreign Trade
  • SECTION II Export Industry And Export Commodities
  • CHAPTER I Mining Industry
  • CHAPTER II Iron And Steel Industry
  • CHAPTER III Non‐ferrous Metals
  • CHAPTER IV Machinery Industry
  • CHAPTER V Textile Industry
  • CHAPTER VI Chemical Industry
  • CHAPTER VII Ceramic Industry
  • CHAPTER VIII Sundry Goods
  • CHAPTER IX Foodstuffs Industry
  • CHAPTER X Agricultural And Forestry
  • CHAPTER XI Marine Products
  • SECTION III Allied Industries
  • CHAPTER I Electric Power Industry
  • CHAPTER II Banking
  • CHAPTER III Maritime Transportation
  • CHAPTER IV Land Transportation
  • CHAPTER V Civil Aviation
  • CHAPTER VI Maritime Insurance
  • CHAPTER VII Ports,Harbors And Warehouses
  • CHAPTER VIII Radio Broadcasting
  • CHAPTER IX Motion Pictures,Kabuki And Revues
  • CHAPTER X Tourist Industry
  • SECTION IV Industrial And Scenic Resources Of Different Prefectures
  • CHAPTER I Hokkaido
  • CHAPTER II Tohoku District
  • CHAPTER III Kanto District
  • CHAPTER IV Chubu District
  • CHAPTER V Kinki District
  • CHAPTER VI Chugoku District
  • CHAPTER VII Shikoku District
  • CHAPTER VIII Kyushu District
  • SECTION V General Trade Information
  • CHAPTER I Export And Import Procedures
  • CHAPTER II Export And Import Trading Law
  • CHAPTER III Export Inspection
  • CHAPTER IV Foreign Trade Financing
  • CHAPTER V Tariff System
  • CHAPTER VI Industrial Property Rights
  • CHAPTER VII Utility Model Law
  • CHAPTER VIII Commercial Arbitration
  • CHAPTER IX International Trade Fairs
  • CHAPTER X Industrial Standardization
  • CHAPTER XI International Economic Cooperation
  • CHAPTER XII Diplomatic Agencies
  • SECTION VI Mercantile Directory
  • CHAPTER I Classified List Of Manufacturers
  • CHAPTER II Classified List Of Trading Firms
  • CHAPTER III Alphabetical List Of Manufacturers And Trading Firms
  • Index To Advertisers
  • General Index
  • Map Of Japan



書名 Japan trade guide : with a comprehensive mercantile directory
巻冊次 1957
出版元 The Jiji Press
刊行年月 1957
ページ数 15冊
大きさ 25cm
言語 英語
出版国 日本