Grossman & Baim's cardiac catheterization, angiography, and intervention

editor, Mauro Moscucci

Grossman & Baim's Cardiac Catheterization, Angiography, and Intervention, 8e is the premier reference on cardiac catheterization, and appeals to seasoned practitioners, residents and cardiology fellows. This title reflects the rapid evolution and growing clinical use of hemodynamic data and of imaging and interventional techniques. Premier reference on cardiac catheterization appeals to seasoned practitioner, residents and cardiology fellows. Twelve new chapters, including: Integrated Imaging Modalities in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab; Radial Artery Approach; Complications; Pitfalls in the Evaluation of Hemodynamic Data; Evaluation of Tamponade, Constrictive, and Restrictive Physiology; Coronary Artery Anomalies; Interventions for Acute Myocardial Infarction; Pericardial Interventions: Pericardiocentisis, Balloon Pericardiotomy, and Epicardial Approach to Cardiac Procedures; General Overview of Interventions for Structural Heart Disease; Interventions for Cardiac Arrhythmias; Interventions with Cell Therapies; and Aortic Endovascular Grafting. It features over 170 cases online that include over 900 videos.

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  • SECTION I GENERAL PRINCIPLES 1. Cardiac Catheterization History and Current Practice Standards Mauro Moscucci 2. Cineangiographic Imaging, Radiation Safety, and Contrast Agents Stephen Balter and Mauro Moscucci 3. Integrated Imaging Modalities in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Robert A. Quaife and John D. Carroll 4. Complications Mauro Moscucci 5. Adjunctive Pharmacology for Cardiac Catheterization Kevin Croce and Daniel I. Simon SECTION II BASIC TECHNIQUES 6. Percutaneous Approach, Including Transseptal and Apical Puncture Claudia A. Martinez and Mauro Moscucci 7. Radial Artery Approach Mauricio G. Cohen and Sunil V. Rao 8. Cutdown Approach: Brachial, Femoral, Axillary, Aortic and Transapical Ronald P. Caputo, G. Randall Green, and William Grossman 9. Diagnostic Catheterization in Childhood and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Gabriele Egidy Assenza, James E. Lock, and Michael J. Landzberg SECTION III HEMODYNAMIC PRINCIPLES 10. Pressure Measurement Mauro Moscucci and William Grossman 11. Blood Flow Measurement: Cardiac Output and Vascular Resistance Mauro Moscucci and William Grossman 12. Shunt Detection and Quantification William Grossman and Mauro Moscucci 13. Calculation of Stenotic Valve Orifice Area Blase A. Carabello and William Grossman 14. Pitfalls in the Evaluation of Hemodynamic Data Zoltan G. Turi SECTION IV ANGIOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES 15. Coronary Angiography Mauro Moscucci 16. Coronary Artery Anomalies Paolo Angelini and Jorge Monge 17. Cardiac Ventriculography Mauro Moscucci and Robert C. Hendel 18. Pulmonary Angiography Kyung Cho and Nils Kucher 19. Angiography of the Aorta and Peripheral Arteries Michael R. Jaff, John Rundback, and Kenneth Rosenfield SECTION V EVALUATION OF CARDIAC FUNCTION 20. Stress Testing During Cardiac Catheterization: Exercise, Pacing, and Dobutamine Challenge William Grossman and Mauro Moscucci 21. Measurement of Ventricular Volumes, Ejection Fraction, Mass, Wall Stress, and Regional Wall Motion Michael A. Fifer and William Grossman 22. Evaluation of Systolic and Diastolic Function of the Ventricles and Myocardium William Grossman and Mauro Moscucci 23. Evaluation of Tamponade, Constrictive, and Restrictive Physiology Mauro Moscucci and Barry A. Borlaug SECTION VI SPECIAL CATHETER TECHNIQUES 24. Evaluation of Myocardial and Coronary Blood Flow and Metabolism Morton J. Kern and Michael J. Lim 25. Intravascular Imaging Techniques Yasuhiro Honda, Peter J. Fitzgerald, and Paul G. Yock 26. Endomyocardial Biopsy Sandra V. Chaparro and Mauro Moscucci 27. Percutaneous Circulatory Support: Intra-aortic Balloon Counterpulsation, Impella, TandemHeart, and Extracorporeal Bypass Daniel Burkhoff, Mauro Moscucci, and Jose P.S. Henriques SECTION VII INTERVENTIONAL TECHNIQUES 28. Percutaneous Balloon Angioplasty and General Coronary Intervention Abhiram Prasad and David R. Holmes 29. Atherectomy, Thrombectomy, and Distal Protection Devices Robert N. Piana and Jeffrey J. Popma 30. Intervention for Acute Myocardial Infarction William O'Neill 31. Coronary Stenting Ajay J. Kirtane and Gregg W. Stone 32. General Overview of Interventions for Structural Heart Disease Mauro Moscucci, John D. Carroll, and John G. Webb 33. Percutaneous Therapies for Valvular Heart Disease Ted Feldman and Mauro Moscucci 34. Peripheral Intervention Mehdi H. Shishehbor and Samir R. Kapadia 35. Intervention for Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Robert J. Sommer 36. Cardiac Cell-Based Therapy: Methods of Application and Delivery Systems Joshua M. Hare, Arnon Blum, and Alan W. Heldman 37. Aortic Endovascular Grafting Arash Bornak, Gilbert R. Upchurch, and Omaida C. Velazquez 38. Pericardial Interventions: Pericardiocentesis, Balloon Pericardiotomy, and Epicardial Approach to Cardiac Procedures Mauro Moscucci and Juan F. Viles-Gonzalez 39. Interventions for Cardiac Arrhythmias Haris M. Haqqani and Francis E. Marchlinski SECTION VIII CLINICAL PROFILES 40. Profiles in Valvular Heart Disease Ted Feldman, William Grossman, and Mauro Moscucci 41. Profiles in Coronary Artery Disease Robert N. Piana and Aaron Kugelmass 42. Profiles in Pulmonary Hypertension and Pulmonary Embolism Scott H. Visovatti and Vallerie V. Mclaughlin 43. Profiles in Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure James C. Fang and Barry A. Borlaug 44. Profiles in Pericardial Disease John F. Robb, Roger J. Laham, and Mauro Moscucci 45. Profiles in Congenital Heart Disease Gabriele Egidy Assenza, Robert J. Sommer, and Michael J. Landzberg 46. Profiles in Peripheral Arterial Disease Christopher J. White and Stephen R. Ramee Website Table of Contents Coronary Angiography CASE 1 Coronary angiography-Simulated angiographic projection viewer CASE 2 Coronary angiography-Posterior LM origin, value of RAO caudal CASE 3 Coronary angiography-Superdominant RCA CASE 4 Coronary angiography-Separate ostia of the LAD and Cx CASE 5 Coronary angiography-Vascular left atrial myxoma CASE 6 Coronary angiography-Coronary ectasia CASE 7 Coronary angiography-Atherosclerotic coronary aneurysm CASE 8 Coronary angiography-Coronary aneurysm-Kawasaki-1 CASE 9 Coronary angiography-Coronary aneurysm-Kawasaki-2 CASE 10 Coronary angiography-Non-obstructive coronary disease CASE 11 Coronary angiography-Small coronary clot, use of pressure wire for borderline lesion CASE 12 Coronary angiography-Ostial left main and RCA lesions CASE 13 Coronary angiography-Lucent left main due to eccentric lesion CASE 14 Coronary angiography-Borderline left main-IVUS evaluation CASE 15 Coronary angiography-Muscle bridge CASE 16 Coronary angiography-Coronary spasm CASE 17 Coronary angiography-Coronary spasm post stent CASE 18 Coronary angiography-Catheter tip-induced spasm CASE 19 Coronary angiography-Pleating artifact-RCA CASE 20 Coronary angiography-Pleating artifact-LAD CASE 21 Coronary angiography-Spontaneous and catheter-induced dissections CASE 22 Coronary angiography-Left main dissection-stent rescue CASE 23 Coronary angiography-Bridging collaterals CASE 24 Coronary angiography-Kugel collateral CASE 25 Coronary angiography-Vieussens collateral CASE 26 Coronary angiography-LAD collaterals Coronary Anomalies CASE 27 Coronary anomalies-Anomalous high anterior origin of RCA CASE 28 Coronary anomalies-Anomalous Cx from the RCA-1 CASE 29 Coronary anomalies-Anomalous Cx from RCA-2 CASE 30 Coronary anomalies-Anomalous left coronary from RCA CASE 31 Coronary anomalies-Coronary fi stula CASE 32 Coronary anomalies- anomalous origin of a coronary artery from the "opposite" sinus of Valsalva (ACAOS) - IVUS CASE 33 Coronary Anomalies-Dedicated Catheter for cannulation of ACAOS CASE 34 Coronary anomalies-left coronary to coronary sinus fi stula. CASE 35 Coronary anomalies-Myocardial bridge - IVUS Left Ventriculography CASE 36 Left Ventriculography-Cardiomyopathy CASE 37 Left Ventriculography-Lateral MI with mitral regurgitation CASE 38 Left Ventriculography-LV aneurysm with remodeling CASE 39 Left Ventriculography-True aneurysm CASE 40 Left Ventriculography-Pseudoaneurysm CASE 41 Left Ventriculography-Post-MI VSD CASE 42 Left Ventriculography-Post-MI VSD-StarFlex closure CASE 43 Left Ventriculography-Tako-tsubo-1 CASE 44 Left Ventriculography-Tako-tsubo-2 CASE 45 Left Ventriculography-Obstructive HCM - alcohol septal ablation CASE 46 Left Ventriculography-Mitral valve prolapse CASE 47 Left Ventriculography-Papillary muscle rupture Aorta and Aortic Valve CASE 48 Aorta and aortic valve-Aortic dissection CASE 49 Aorta and aortic valve-Aortic dissection-2 CASE 50 Aorta and aortic valve-Traumatic aortic transection CASE 51 Aorta and aortic valve-Aortic dissection fenestration CASE 52 Aorta and aortic valve-Right sinus of Valsalva aneurysm CASE 53 Aorta and aortic valve-Left sinus of Valsalva aneurysm CASE 54 Aorta and aortic valve-Aortic regurgitation CASE 55 Aorta and aortic valve-Peri-valve aortic regurgitation CASE 56 Aorta and aortic valve-Aortic stenosis-crossing issues CASE 57 Aorta and aortic valve-Cinefl uoroscopy of mechanical valves CASE 58 Aorta and aortic valve-Balloon aortic valvuloplasty CASE 59 Aorta and aortic valve- Percutaneous aortic valve replacement--Edwards-Sapien valve - antegrade transseptal approach CASE 60 Aorta and aortic valve- Percutaneous aortic valve replacement - Edwards-Sapien valve - retrograde approach CASE 61 Aorta and aortic valve-Percutaneous aortic valve replacement-Corevalve CASE 62 Aorta and aortic valve-Aortic coarctation stent repair CASE 63 Aorta and aortic valve-Patent Ductus Arteriosus-Amplatz closure CASE 64 Aorta and aortic valve-Patent DuctussArteriosus-coil closure Mitral Valve CASE 65 Mitral Valve-Transseptal Puncture CASE 66 Mitral valve-Balloon mitral valvotomy CASE 67 Mitral Valve-Edge to edge repair-evalve CASE 68 Mitral valve-Annuloplasty approaches CASE 69 Mitral Valve-Mechanical valve thrombosis Pericardium CASE 70 Pericardium-Heart border in tamponade CASE 71 Pericardium-Pericardiocentesis CASE 72 Pericardium-Balloon pericardiotomy CASE 73 Pericardium-Pericardial approach to the epicardium Pulmonary CASE 74 Pulmonary-Congenital valvular pulmonic stenosis CASE 75 Pulmonary-Pulmonary Embolus CASE 76 Pulmonary-Selective balloon pulmonary angio CASE 77 Pulmonary-IVC Filters Congenital CASE 78 Congenital-Coil closure of pulmonary AV fistula CASE 79 Congenital-Patent foramen ovale, and RV biopsy from below CASE 80 Atrial Septal Defect closure CASE 81 Congenital-VSD- AR, RVH CASE 82 Congenital-Mustard Baffl e Obstruction Non Invasive Angiography CASE 83 Noninvasive angiography-magnetic resonance CASE 84 Noninvasive angiography-computerized tomography IVUS CASE 85 IVUS-Basics CASE 86 IVUS-Hematoma CASE 87 IVUS-Incomplete Stent Apposition CASE 88 IVUS-Left Main Assessment CASE 89 IVUS-Plaque Assessment Stents CASE 90 Stent issues-Ostial Cx plaque shift CASE 91 Stent issues-Origin LAD stent CASE 92 Stent issues-Cx bifurcation stent crush CASE 93 Stent issues-Bifurcation kissing stents CASE 94 Stent issues-Left Main stent-alternative approaches CASE 95 Stent issues-Force-focused angioplasty approaches CASE 96 Stent issues-Re-stenting of stent margin restenosis CASE 97 Stent issues-Restenosis of Kissing left main stent CASE 98 Stent issues-Failures of crush and T-stent for bifurcations Post CABG CASE 99 Post-CABG-Engagement of LIMA and SVG to RCA CASE 100 Post-CABG-LAD endarterectomy with LIMA touchdown stenosis CASE 101 Post-CABG-SVG venous valve CASE 102 Post CABG-Ostial lesion in grafted OM CASE 103 Post CABG-Complex native intervention for graft failure CASE 104 Post-CABG-LIMA stent CASE 105 Post-CABG-Percusurge embolic protection CASE 106 Post CABG-FilterWire embolic protection CASE 107 Post CABG-Proxis embolic protection CASE 108 Post-CABG-Rapid progression of SVG disease CASE 109 Post-CABG-Total occlusion of SVG CASE 110 Post-CABG-Complex SVG lesion CASE 111 Post-CABG-SVG no-refl ow CASE 112 Post-CABG-Native vessel no refl ow CASE 113 Post-CABG-total native LAD instead of SVG CASE 114 Post-CABG-Fistula from SVG to coronary sinus Total Occlusion CASE 115 Total occlusion-Conventional stiff wires CASE 116 Total occlusion-ILT SafeCross wire CASE 117 Total occlusion in stent restenosis-Lumend CASE 118 Total occlusion-Retrograde approach Thrombus CASE 119 Thrombus-SVG AngioJet CASE 120 Thrombus-Thrombectomy and atherectomy animations CASE 121 Thrombus-AMI AngioJet for large thrombus CASE 122 Thrombus-Primary PCI, with in stent restenosis Atherectomy CASE 123 Atherectomy-Calcifi ed LAD, Rotablator, balloon withdrawal issue CASE 124 Atherectomy-Rotablator of calcifi ed LAD CASE 125 Atherectomy-Rotablator of calcifi ed RCA CASE 126 Atherectomy-Calcifi ed ostial LAD Rota Complications CASE 127 Complications-Coronary angio dye stain-VF CASE 128 Complications-Coronary air embolism CASE 129 Complications-Massive fatal coronary air embolism CASE 130 Complications-Guiding catheter dissection into sinus of Valsalva CASE 131 Complications-Left sinus of Valsalva dissection CASE 132 Complications-DCA left main dissection-stented CASE 133 Complications-LAD perforation-covered stent CASE 134 Complications-Left main perforation CASE 135 Complications-Subacute stent thrombosis,lretroperitoneal bleed CASE 136 Complications-Thrombus on the guidewire CASE 137 Complications-Retrieval of fractured pacemaker lead CASE 138 Complications-Early post-CABG misadventures CASE 139 Complications-Cerebral embolus-Neurovascular rescue CASE 140 Complications-Fractured IVC Filter Vascular Access CASE 141 Vascular access-General issues CASE 142 Vascular access-Calcifi ed femoral, occluded iliacs, radial catheterization CASE 143 Vascular access-Femoral tips and misadventures CASE 144 Vascular access-High stick-retroperitoneal bleed CASE 145 Vascular access-Hypogastric artery laceration vs. ureter CASE 146 Vascular access-Iliac laceration CASE 147 Vascular access-Femoral arterio-venous fi stula CASE 148 Vascular access-Thrombin injection of femoral pseudoaneurysm CASE 149 Vascular access-Puncture of an AO-bifemoral graft CASE 150 Vascular access-Groin Closure Animations CASE 151 Vascular access-Thrombosis of an AngioSeal site Peripheral CASE 152 Peripheral-Renal artery stent-1 CASE 153 Peripheral-Renal artery stent-2 CASE 154 Peripheral-CHF with renal and subclavian stenosis CASE 155 Peripheral-Renal accessory artery stent CASE 156 Peripheral-Renal transplant stent CASE 157 Peripheral-Renal fi bromuscular dysplasia CASE 158 Peripheral-Iliac and Subclavian interventions CASE 159 Peripheral-Subclavian occlusion with steal CASE 160 Peripheral-Total occlusion of subclavian-ILT wire CASE 161 Peripheral-Carotid Case 1 CASE 162 Peripheral-Carotid case 2 CASE 163 Peripheral-Carotid Case 3 CASE 164 Peripheral-SFA Intervention 1 CASE 165 Peripheral-Infra-popliteal atherectomy Integrated Imaging Modalities CASE 166 Integrated imaging modalities- Coronary artery disease: use of pre-procedure CTA for challenging coronary graft anatomy CASE 167 Integrated imaging modalities- Congenital heart disease: pulmonic stenosis - use of C-Arm CTA and ICE totoptimize placement of valvuloplasty balloon and detect unsuspected ASD CASE 168 Integrated imaging modalities- Congenital heart disease: secundumlatrial septal defect - CTA pre-procedural planning with transcatheter closure image guidance using realtime 3D TEE CASE 169 Integrated imaging modalities- Valvular heart disease: mitral stenosis procedural guidance using real-time 3D TEE CASE 170 Integrated imaging modalities- Valvular heart disease: aortic stenosis
  • CTA preplanning and 3D model generation prior to TAVR CASE 171 Integrated imaging modalities- Valvular heart disease: Preplanning and image guidance of peri-valvular leak closure

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書名 Grossman & Baim's cardiac catheterization, angiography, and intervention
著作者等 Grossman, William
Baim, Donald S
Moscucci, Mauro
書名別名 Cardiac catheterization, angiography, and intervention
出版元 Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
刊行年月 c2014
版表示 8th ed
ページ数 xxv, 1141 p.
大きさ 29 cm
ISBN 9781451127409
NCID BB14355242
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国