Electric energy : an introduction

Mohamed A. El-Sharkawi

The search for renewable energy and smart grids, the societal impact of blackouts, and the environmental impact of generating electricity, along with the new ABET criteria, continue to drive a renewed interest in electric energy as a core subject. Keeping pace with these changes, Electric Energy: An Introduction, Third Edition restructures the traditional introductory electric energy course to better meet the needs of electrical and mechanical engineering students. Now in color, this third edition of a bestselling textbook gives students a wider view of electric energy, without sacrificing depth. Coverage includes energy resources, renewable energy, power plants and their environmental impacts, electric safety, power quality, power market, blackouts, and future power systems. The book also makes the traditional topics of electromechanical conversion, transformers, power electronics, and three-phase systems more relevant to students. Throughout, it emphasizes issues that engineers encounter in their daily work, with numerous examples drawn from real systems and real data. What's New in This Edition Color illustrations Substation and distribution equipment Updated data on energy resources Expanded coverage of power plants Expanded material on renewable energy Expanded material on electric safety Three-phase system and pulse width modulation for DC/AC converters Induction generator More information on smart grids Additional problems and solutions Combining the fundamentals of traditional energy conversion with contemporary topics in electric energy, this accessible textbook gives students the broad background they need to meet future challenges.

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  • History of Power Systems Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931) Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) Battle of AC versus DC Today's Power Systems Basic Components of Power Systems Power Plants Transformers Transmission Lines Distribution Lines Conductors Substations Control Centers Worldwide Standards for Household Voltage and Frequency Energy Resources Fossil Fuel Nuclear Fuel Power Plants Hydroelectric Power Plants Fossil Fuel Power Plants Nuclear Power Plants Environmental Impact of Power Plants Environmental Concerns Related to Fossil Fuel Power Plants Environmental Concerns Related to Hydroelectric Power Plants Environmental Concerns Related to Nuclear Power Plants Renewable Energy Solar Energy Wind Energy Hydrokinetic Systems Geothermal Energy Biomass Energy Fuel Cell Intermittency of Renewable Systems Energy Storage Systems Alternating Current Circuits Alternating Current Waveform Root Mean Square Phase Shift Concept of Phasors Complex Number Analysis Complex Impedance Electric Power Electric Energy Three-Phase Systems Generation of Three-Phase Voltages Connections of Three-Phase Circuits Power Calculations of Balanced Three-Phase Circuits Electric Safety Electric Shock Ground Resistance Touch and Step Potentials Electric Safety at Home Low Frequency Magnetic Field and Its Health Effects Power Electronics Power Electronic Devices Solid-State Switching Circuits Transformers Theory of Operation Multi-Winding Transformer Autotransformer Three-Phase Transformer Actual Transformer Electric Machines Rotating Magnetic Field Rotating Induction Motor Linear Induction Motor Induction Generator Synchronous Generator Synchronous Motor Direct Current Motor Stepper Motor Single-Phase Motors Power Quality Voltage Problems Harmonic Problems Power Grid and Blackouts Topology of Power Systems Analysis of Power Networks Electric Energy Demand Trading Electric Energy World Wide Web of Power Anatomy of Blackouts Blackout Scenarios Future Power Systems Smart Grid Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles Alternative Resources Less Polluting Power Plants Distributed Generation Power Electronics Enhanced Reliability Intelligent Operation, Maintenance, and Training Space Power Plants Appendix A: Units and Symbols Appendix B: Conversions Appendix C: Key Parameters Appendix D: Inductors Appendix E: Key Integrals Index Chapters include exercises.

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書名 Electric energy : an introduction
著作者等 El-Sharkawi Mohamed A.
出版元 Taylor & Francis
刊行年月 c2013
版表示 3rd ed
ページ数 xxiii, 581 p.
大きさ 27 cm
ISBN 9781466503038
NCID BB14007042
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国