Competitiveness and tourism  v. 1 ~ v. 2

edited by Geoffrey I. Crouch and J.R. Brent Ritchie

Competitiveness and Tourism brings together the key scholarly articles which discuss the challenges of managing, maintaining and enhancing competitive tourism destinations. This authoritative collection of articles covers service sector competition, conceptual models of tourism competitiveness, the measurement and modelling of tourism competitiveness, organizing, planning and management issues, tourism marketing, price competitiveness and demand elasticity, sustainability issues and case studies of tourism competitiveness from around the world. Along with an original introduction by the editors, this two-volume set is designed for scholars, students and practitioners interested in a deeper understanding of the nature of tourism competition and implications for tourism and destination management.

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  • Contents: Volume I Acknowledgements Introduction Geoffrey I. Crouch and J.R. Brent Ritchie PART I COMPETITIVENESS AND THE SERVICE SECTOR 1. Belay Seyoum (2007), 'Revealed Comparative Advantage and Competitiveness in Services: A Study with Special Emphasis on Developing Countries' 2. H. Peter Gray (1989), 'Services and Comparative Advantage Theory' 3. John D. Palmer (1985), 'Consumer Service Industry Exports: New Attitudes and Concepts Needed for a Neglected Sector' 4. Paul Krugman (1994), 'Competitiveness: A Dangerous Obsession' 5. J.R. Brent Ritchie and Geoffrey I. Crouch (2003), 'Conceptual and Theoretical Perspectives: The Competitive Destination' PART II CONCEPTUAL MODELS FOR UNDERSTANDING TOURISM COMPETITIVENESS 6. J.R. Brent Ritchie and Geoffrey I. Crouch (2003), 'A Model of Destination Competitiveness' 7. Larry Dwyer and Chulwon Kim (2003), 'Destination Competitiveness: Determinants and Indicators' 8. Ernie Heath (2003), 'Towards a Model to Enhance Destination Competitiveness: A Southern African Perspective' 9. Eulogio Bordas (1994), 'Competitiveness of Tourist Destinations in Long Distance Markets' PART III MEASURING AND MODELLING TOURISM COMPETITIVENESS 10. Josef A. Mazanec, Karl Wober and Andreas H. Zins (2007), 'Tourism Destination Competitiveness: From Definition to Explanation?' 11. Larry Dwyer, Robert Mellor, Zelko Livaic, Deborah Edwards and Chulwon Kim (2004), 'Attributes of Destination Competitiveness: A Factor Analysis' 12. Michael J. Enright and James Newton (2004), 'Tourism Destination Competitiveness: A Quantitative Approach' 13. Geoffrey I. Crouch (2011), 'Destination Competitiveness: An Analysis of Determinant Attributes' 14. Metin Kozak and Mike Rimmington (1999), 'Measuring Tourist Destination Competitiveness: Conceptual Considerations and Empirical Findings' 15. Geoffrey I. Crouch (2007), 'Measuring Tourism Competitiveness: Research, Theory and the WEF Index' 16. Maria Francesca Cracolici, Peter Nijkamp and Piet Rietveld (2008), 'Assessment of Tourism Competitiveness by Analysing Destination Efficiency' 17. Nishaal Gooroochurn and Guntur Sugiyarto (2005), 'Competitiveness Indicators in the Travel and Tourism Industry' 18. Jie Zhang and Camilla Jensen (2007), 'Comparative Advantage: Explaining Tourism Flows' 19. Arturo Melian-Gonzalez and Juan Manuel Garcia-Falcon (2003), 'Competitive Potential of Tourism in Destinations' PART IV ORGANIZING, PLANNING AND MANAGING FOR COMPETITIVENESS IN TOURISM 20. Frank M. Go and Robert Govers (2000), 'Integrated Quality Management for Tourist Destinations: A European Perspective on Achieving Competitiveness' 21. Evi C. Soteriou and Chris Roberts (1998), 'The Strategic Planning Process in National Tourism Organizations' 22. Jayoti Das and Cassandra DeRienzo (2010), 'Tourism Competitiveness and Corruption: A Cross-Country Analysis' 23. Ramona Gruescu, Roxana Nanu and Anca Tanasie (2009), 'Human Resources Development and ICT Contribution to the Tourist Destination Competitiveness' 24. Irene Daskalopoulou and Anastasia Petrou (2009), 'Urban Tourism Competitiveness: Networks and the Regional Asset Base' 25. Dimitris Lagos and Panayiotis G. Courtis (2008), 'Business Clusters Formation as a Means of Improving Competitiveness in the Tourism Sector' 26. Adam Blake, M. Thea Sinclair and Juan Antonio Campos Soria (2006), 'Tourism Productivity: Evidence from the United Kingdom' PART V COMPETITIVENESS AND TOURISM MARKETING 27. Dimitrios Buhalis (2000), 'Marketing the Competitive Destination of the Future' 28. Harsha E. Chacko (1996), 'Positioning a Tourism Destination to Gain a Competitive Edge' 29. Geoffrey I. Crouch (1994), 'Promotion and Demand in International Tourism' 30. J.R. Brent Ritchie, Geoffrey I. Crouch and Simon Hudson (1989), 'Assessing the Role of Consumers in the Measurement of Destination Competitiveness and Sustainability' 31. Arch G. Woodside and Steven Lysonski (1989), 'A General Model of Traveler Destination Choice' Volume II Acknowledgements An introduction by the editors appears in Volume I PART I PRICE COMPETITIVENESS AND DEMAND ELASTICITY 1. Peter Forsyth and Larry Dwyer (2009), 'Tourism Price Competitiveness' 2. Carlos R. Azzoni and Tatiane A. de Menezes (2009), 'Cost Competitiveness of International Destinations' 3. Marie-Louise Mangion, Ramesh Durbarry and M. Thea Sinclair (2005), 'Tourism Competitiveness: Price and Quality' 4. Blair F. Stevens (1992), 'Price Value Perceptions of Travelers' 5. Larry Dwyer, Peter Forsyth and Prasada Rao (2000), 'Price Competitiveness of Tourism Packages to Australia: Beyond the "Big Mac" Index' 6. Larry Dwyer, Peter Forsyth and Prasada Rao (2000), 'Sectoral Analysis of Destination Price Competitiveness: An International Comparison' 7. Larry Dwyer, Peter Forsyth and Prasada Rao (2000), 'The Price Competitiveness of Travel and Tourism: A Comparison of 19 Destinations' 8. Larry Dwyer, Peter Forsyth and Prasada Rao (2002), 'Destination Price Competitiveness: Exchange Rate Changes versus Domestic Inflation' 9. Geoffrey I. Crouch (1992), 'Effect of Income and Price on International Tourism' 10. Geoffrey I. Crouch (1996), 'Demand Elasticities in International Marketing: A Meta-Analytical Application to Tourism' 11. Rob Lawson, Juergen Gnoth and Kerry Paulin (1995), 'Tourists' Awareness of Prices for Attractions and Activities' 12. Roland Craigwell and DeLisle Worrell (2008), 'The Competitiveness of Selected Caribbean Tourism Markets' 13. Pan-Long Tsai and Kuo-Liang Wang (1998), 'Competitiveness of International Tourism in Taiwan: US versus Japanese Visitors' PART II SUSTAINABILITY AND COMPETITIVENESS 14. Salah S. Hassan (2000), 'Determinants of Market Competitiveness in an Environmentally Sustainable Tourism Industry' 15. J.R. Brent Ritchie and Geoffrey I. Crouch (2003), 'Conceptual and Theoretical Perspectives: The Sustainable Destination' 16. Twan Huybers and Jeff Bennett (2003), 'Environmental Management and the Competitiveness of Nature-Based Tourism Destinations' 17. Tanja Mihalic (2000), 'Environmental Management of a Tourist Destination: A Factor of Tourism Competitiveness' PART III CASE STUDIES OF TOURISM COMPETITIVENESS 18. Andreas Papatheodorou (2002), 'Exploring Competitiveness in Mediterranean Resorts' 19. Anne-Marie d'Hauteserre (2000), 'Lessons in Managed Destination Competitiveness: The Case of Foxwoods Casino Resort' 20. Douglas G. Pearce (1997), 'Competitive Destination Analysis in Southeast Asia' 21. Zafar U. Ahmed and Franklin B. Krohn (1990), 'Reversing the United States' Declining Competitiveness in the Marketing Of International Tourism: A Perspective On Future Policy' 22. Michael J. Enright and James Newton (2005), 'Determinants of Tourism Destination Competitiveness in Asia Pacific: Comprehensiveness and Universality' 23. Christel Botha, John L. Crompton and Seong-Seop Kim (1999), 'Developing a Revised Competitive Position for Sun/Lost City, South Africa' 24. Barbara A. Carmichael (2002), 'Global Competitiveness and Special Events in Cultural Tourism: The Example of the Barnes Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto' 25. Chulwon Kim and Larry Dwyer (2003), 'Destination Competitiveness and Bilateral Tourism Flows Between Australia and Korea' 26. Larry Dwyer, Zelko Livaic and Robert Mellor (2003), 'Competitiveness of Australia as a Tourist Destination' 27. Bill Faulkner, Elizabeth Fredline and the late Martin Oppermann (1999), 'Destination Competitiveness: An Exploratory Examination of South Australia's Core Attractions' 28. Metin Kozak (2003), 'Measuring Comparative Destination Performance: A Study in Spain and Turkey' 29. Larry Dwyer, Nina Mistilis, Peter Forsyth and Prasada Rao (2001), 'International Price Competitiveness of Australia's MICE Industry' 30. Antti J. Haahti (1986), 'Finland's Competitive Position as a Destination' 31. Panisa Mechinda, Sirivan Serirat, Nongluck Popaijit, Aurathai Lertwannawit and Jirawat Anuwichanont (2010), 'The Relative Impact of Competitiveness Factors And Destination Equity On Tourist's Loyalty In Koh Chang, Thailand' 32. Robertico Croes and Manuel Antonio Rivera (2010), 'Testing the Empirical Link Between Tourism and Competitiveness: Evidence from Puerto Rico' 33. Cheng-Fei Lee and Brian King (2009), 'A Determination of Destination Competitiveness for Taiwan's Hot Springs Tourism Sector Using the Delphi Technique' 34. Jayoti Das and Cassandra E. DiRienzo (2009), 'Global Tourism Competitiveness and Freedom of the Press: A Nonlinear Relationship' 35. Mark M. Miller, Tony L. Henthorne and Babu P. George (2008), 'The Competitiveness of the Cuban Tourism Industry in the Twenty-First Century: A Strategic Re-Evaluation' 36. Ozan Bahar and Metin Kozak (2007), 'Advancing Destination Competitiveness Research: Comparison Between Tourists and Service Providers' 37. Enrique Claver-Cortes, Jose F. Molina-Azorin and Jorge Pereira-Moliner (2007), 'Competitiveness in Mass Tourism'

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書名 Competitiveness and tourism
著作者等 Crouch, Geoffrey I.
Ritchie, J. R. Brent
Crouch Geoffrey I. (La Trobe University Australia)
シリーズ名 An Elgar research collection
Economics and management of tourism
巻冊次 v. 1
v. 2
出版元 E. Elgar
刊行年月 c2012
ページ数 2 v.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9781849809276
NCID BB10857362
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス