Chembiomolecular science : at the frontier of chemistry and biology : the Uehara Memorial Foundation Symposium-2011

Masakatsu Shibasaki, Masamitsu Iino, Hiroyuki Osada editors


書名 Chembiomolecular science : at the frontier of chemistry and biology : the Uehara Memorial Foundation Symposium-2011
著作者等 柴崎 正勝
長田 裕之
飯野 正光
出版元 Springer
刊行年月 c2013
ページ数 325p
大きさ 25cm
ISBN 978-4-431-54037-3
NCID BB10521849
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言語 英語
出版国 日本


著作名 著作者名
An approach toward indentification of target proteins of maitotoxin based on organic synthesis Tohru Oishi
Antiviral microRNA Ryota Ouda, Takashi Fujita
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Chembiomolecular biology
Chembiomolecular chemistry
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Establishment of novel system for studying the Syk function in B cells Clifford A. Lowell, Tomohiro Kurosaki
High-throughput screening for small molecule modulators of FGFR2-Ⅲb pre-mRNA splicing Erik S. Anderson
Hunting the targets of natural product-inspired compounds Herbert Waldmann, Slava Ziegler
Identification of protein-small molecule interactions by chemical array Hiroyuki Osada, Siro Simizu
Identification of signaling pathways that mediate dietary restriction-induced longevity in caenorhabditis elegans Eisuke Nishida, Masaharu Uno, Sakiko Honjoh
Inhibitors of fatty acid amide hidrolase Dale L. Boger
Mechanism of action of new antiinfectious agents from microorganisms Hiroshi Tomoda, Nobuhiro Koyama
Modulation of pre-mRNA splicing patterns with synthetic chemicals and their clinical applications Msasatoshi Hagiwara
Multidrug efflux pumps and development of therapeutic strategies to control infectious diseases Kunihiko Nishino
New insights from a focused library approach aiming at development of inhibitors of dual-specificity protein phosphatases Ayako Tsuchiya, Go Hirai, Mikiko Sodeoka
Nongenomic mechanism-mediated renal fibrosis-decreasing activity of a series of PPAR-γ agonists Hiroyuki Miyachi
Novel carbohydrate-based inhibitors that target influenza A virus sialidase Itzstein
Practical catalytic asymmetric synthesis of a promising drug candidate Masakatsu Shibasaki
Practical synthesis of Tamiflu and beyond Motomu Kanai
Roles for the stress-responsive kinases ASK1 and ASK2 in tumorigenesis Miki Kamiyama
Search for new medicinal seeds from marine organisms Masayoshi Arai, Motomasa Kobayashi, Naoyuki Kotoku
Small molecule tools for cell biology and cell therapy Motonari Uesugi
Small molecule-induced proximity Fu-Sen Liang, Gerald R. Crabtree
Synaptic function monitored using chemobiomolecular indicators Masamitsu Iino
Tailored synthetic surfaces to control human pluripotent stem cell self-renewal Laura L. Kiessling
The deep oceans as a source for new treatments for cancer William Fenical
Toward the discovery of small molecules affecting RNA function Shiori Umemoto
Versatile orphan nuclear recepter NR4A2 as a promising molecular target for multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases Shinji Oki
Visual screening for the natural compounds that affect the formation of nuclear structures Kaya Shigaki