Usefulness of ultrasonography for rapidly diagnosing cutaneous sinus tracts of dental origin.

Background: Cutaneous sinus tracts of dental origin are frequently misdiagnosed and incorrectly treated. Intraoral roentgenograms are valuable for diagnosing such tracts. Since these lesions are usually not accompanied by dental symptoms, patients tend initially to consult dermatologists or general physicians, who are not familiar with oral diseases or intraoral X-rays. Objectives: We sought to determine the usefulness of ultrasonography for detecting cutaneous sinus tracts of dental origin. Materials and methods: Three patients who had skin lesions that were suspected of being cutaneous sinus tracts based on the findings of clinical and histological examinations were enrolled in this study. B mode and color Doppler ultrasonography were used to image the skin lesions in their entirety and to assess the associations between the subcutaneous lesions and any alveolar bone defects. Results: In each case, ultrasonography depicted a hypoechoic band that originated from the cutaneous lesion and extended through the subcutaneous tissue to the alveolar bone. Bone loss was also observed, and color Doppler ultrasonography detected increased blood flow in the peripheral regions of the tracts. Conclusions: In the present study, the patients' sinus tracts were rapidly detected using ultrasonography, which enabled appropriate treatment. Thus, ultrasonography is a convenient tool for diagnosing cutaneous sinus tracts of dental origin.;博士(医学)・甲第644号・平成28年3月15日;Copyright © 2014 JOHN LIBBEY EUROTEXT;開始ページ : 683;終了ページ : 687;PubMed番号 :



書名 Usefulness of ultrasonography for rapidly diagnosing cutaneous sinus tracts of dental origin.
著作者等 Asada, Hideo
Fukumoto, Takaya
Hirai, Toshiko
Kobayashi, Nobuhiko
Miyagawa, Fumi
Shobatake, Chinatsu
書名別名 外歯瘻の迅速診断における超音波診断の有用性
出版元 John Libbey Eurotext
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