Market survey on canned foods


  • A. General market situation
  • B. Production situation
  • B-1 Trends in domestic production
  • B-2 Canned and bottled food and retort food production in 1973
  • B-3 Canned and bottled foods' production and export
  • C. Consumption situation
  • C-1 Trends in demand
  • (1) Canned fishory products
  • (2) Canned fruits
  • (3) Canned vegetables
  • (4) Canned meats
  • C-2 Annual per capita consumption of canned foods classified by type
  • C-3 Competition from substitutes
  • C-4 Transition of preference among consumers
  • D. Import situation
  • D-1 Japan's import from foreign countries by item(1973)
  • D-2 Japan's import from SEAP center countries
  • E. Import system
  • E-1 Progress in liberalization of items under jurisdiction of Agriculture Ministry
  • E-2 Tariff schedule
  • E-3 Remaining controlled imports(classified by group)
  • E. Distribution situation
  • F-1 Distribution channels of canned foods
  • (Domestic sales)
  • (1) Channels of whoesalers' and trading firms' brands
  • (2) Channels of fishery companies' brands
  • (3) Channels of confectionery and dairy composnies' brands
  • (4) Channels of packers' brands
  • (5) Channels of foreign brands
  • (Exports)
  • (1) Joint sales items
  • (2) Individual
  • (Imports)
  • F-2 Roles of distribution channels and points at issue
  • G. List of associations and importers
  • G-1 Associations
  • G-2 Importers
  • H. Market factors
  • H-1 Japanese Agriculture Ministry Standards for canned foods
  • H-2 Japanese Agriculture Ministry Standards for bottle foods
  • H-3 Canned and bottled food grading methods under Japanese Ariculture Ministry Standards
  • H-4 Canned and bottled product indication rules under food.Sanitation Law and Indication Standards
  • H-5 Enforcement rules for fair competition agreement on indications of canned foods
  • H-6 Rules concerning indication of imported canned foods
  • H-7 Food indication standards based on food sanitation law
  • H-8 Controls on use of food additives
  • H-9 Food additive use standards(excerpt)
  • I. Proposal:Feasibilities of raw material and product development in centre member countries



書名 Market survey on canned foods
著作者等 東南アジア貿易投資観光促進センター
出版元 The Southeast Asian Promotion Centre for Trade, Investment and Tourism
刊行年月 1974
ページ数 122p
大きさ 30cm
言語 英語
出版国 日本