Encyclopedia of Linguistics

Edited by Strazny, Philipp

Utilizing a historical and international approach, this valuable two-volume resource makes even the more complex linguistic issues understandable for the non-specialized reader. Containing over 500 alphabetically arranged entries and an expansive glossary by a team of international scholars, the Encyclopedia of Linguistics explores the varied perspectives, figures, and methodologies that make up the field.

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  • Selected entries include: Identity and Language India Indo-European 4: Romance Indo-Pakistani Sign Language Interpreting Jakobson, Roman Japanese Juba/Nubi Arabic Khmer & Mon-Khmer Languages Knowledge Representation Krio Lakoff, George Language Death Latin Levi-Strauss, Claude Linguistic Anthropology Louisiana French Creole Machine Translation Maori and Polynesian Languages McCawley, James D. Metaphor Middle English Modern Linguistics Mongolian Morphology Naming New Guinea Noun Incorporation Number Marking Old Church Slavic Old Irish Old Norse Onomatopoeia Oto-Manguean Languages Panini Parsing Peirce, Charles Personality and Language Philosophy of Language Phonetics Pidgins and Creoles Pike, Kenneth Plurality Possessives Proficiency Testing Psycholinguistics Questions Quine, W.V. (Willard Van Orman) Reading Impairment Reference Rhetoric Rules vs. Constraints Russell, Bertrand Sanskrit Scandinavia Searle, John Second Language Learning Semantics Signal Systems Sindhi Sociolinguistics South Africa South America: Peru Soviet Union: Successor States Spectral Analysis Speech Processing Speech Synthesis Standard Language Structuralism Sumerian Sweet, Henry Syllable: Structure Syntax Taboo Teaching Methods Tense: Syntax Text Summarization Thai and Tai Languages Tibetan Tocharian Translation Traug ott, Elizabeth Turing, A.M. Turkish and Turkic Languages Typology United States Universal Grammar Variation Theory Visual Word Recognition Vowel Harmony Wackernagel, Jacob Western Caribbean Creole Wittgenstein, Ludwig Word Order Working Memory (Neurobiology) Writing Systems Yiddish Zulu and Southern Bantu Languages Zwicky, Arnold

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書名 Encyclopedia of Linguistics
著作者等 Strazny, Philipp
出版元 Routledge
刊行年月 2004.11.01
ページ数 1304p
ISBN 9781135455224
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス