Perspectives on Technology

By (author) Rosenberg, Nathan

Perspectives on Technology consists of papers written by Nathan Rosenberg over a ten-year period, from the early 1960s to the early 1970s. Their origin was in Professor Rosenberg's interest in long-term economic growth processes and, especially, in the behaviour of industrializing societies. The form and direction which this book has taken reflect two basic influences: (1) a growing awareness of the centrality of technological phenomena in generating economic growth, and (2) a growing sense that, in spite of the basic and genuine insights into technological phenomena provided by the neo-classical economics, a deeper and richer understanding of the phenomena can only be achieved by a willingness to step outside the limited intellectual boundaries of this mode of reasoning.

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  • Part I. Some origins of American technology: 1. Technological change in the machine tool industry, 1840-1910
  • 2. America's rise to woodworking leadership
  • 3. Anglo-American wage differences in the 1820's
  • Part II. The generation of new technologies: 4. Problems in the economist's conceptualization of technological innovation
  • 5. Neglected dimensions in the analysis of economic change
  • 6. The direction of technological change: inducement mechanisms and focusing devices
  • 7. Karl Marx on the economic role of science
  • Part III. Diffusion and adaptation of technology: 8. Capital goods, technology, and economic growth
  • 9. Economic development and the transfer of technology: some historical perspectives
  • 10. Selection and adaptation in the transfer of technology: steam and iron in America 1800-1870
  • 11. Factors affecting the diffusion of technology
  • Part IV. Natural resources, environment and the growth of knowledge: 12. Technology and the environment: an economic exploration
  • 13. Technological innovation and natural resources: the niggardliness of nature reconsidered
  • 14. Innovative responses to materials shortages
  • 15. Science, invention, and economic growth.

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書名 Perspectives on Technology
著作者等 Rosenberg, Nathan
出版元 Cambridge University Press (Virtual Publishing)
刊行年月 2010.01.09
ISBN 9780511561313
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス