International politics : enduring concepts and contemporary issues

Robert J. Art, Robert Jervis

<P>Updated in its 11th edition, <I>International Politics</I> places contemporary essays alongside classics to survey the fieldâ s diverse voices, concepts, and issues. Edited by two of the most respected international relations scholars,<I>International Politics</I> challenges readers to use original scholarship to recognize and analyze patterns in world politics. This bestselling reader considers how to effectively understand politics under governments and beyond. Carefully edited selections cover the most essential topics and are put into conversation with each other to illustrate fundamental debates and differing points of view. Comprehensive and engaging, <I>International Politics</I> offers the best overview of the discipline as well as the forces shaping the world today.</P>

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  • * Selections new to the eleventh edition. PART 1. ANARCHY AND ITS CONSEQUENCES Power and Principle in Statecraft Thucydides, "The Melian Dialogue" Hans J. Morgenthau, "Six Principles of Political Realism" J. Ann Tickner, "A Critique of Morgenthau's Principles of Political Realism" The Nature and Consequences of Anarchy Kenneth N. Waltz, "The Anarchic Structure of World Politics" *James D. Fearon, "Rationalist Explanations for War" Alexander Wendt, "Anarchy Is What States Make of It" *Ian Hurd, "Legitimacy in International Politics" The Mitigation of Anarchy Kenneth A. Oye, "The Conditions for Cooperation in World Politics" Robert Jervis, "Offense, Defense, and the Security Dilemma" Michael W. Doyle, "Kant, Liberal Legacies, and Foreign Affairs" Stephen M. Walt, "Alliances: Balancing and Bandwagoning" *David C. Kang, "Hierarchy and Hegemony in International Politics" Hans J. Morgenthau, "The Future of Diplomacy" Stanley Hoffmann, "The Uses and Limits of International Law" Robert O. Keohane, "International Institutions" PART 2. THE USES OF FORCE The Uses of Force Robert J. Art, "The Four Functions of Force" Thomas C. Schelling, "The Diplomacy of Violence" Bruce Hoffman, "What Is Terrorism?" The Utility of Force Today Robert J. Art, "The Fungibility of Force" Robert A. Pape, "The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism" *The World Bank, "The Shape of Violence Today" Nuclear Deterrence and Nuclear Spread Henry Sokolski and Patrick Clawson, "Getting Ready for a Nuclear-Ready Iran" Barry R. Posen, "Dealing with a Nuclear-Armed Iran" PART 3. INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY AND GLOBALIZATION Perspectives on Political Economy Robert Gilpin, "The Nature of Political Economy" Michael J. Hiscox, "The Domestic Sources of Foreign Economic Policies" Bruce R. Scott, "The Great Divide in the Global Village" The Nature of Globalization Jeffrey Frankel, "The Globalization of the International Economy" Pankaj Ghemaway, "Why the World Isn't Flat" *Moises Naim, "What Globalization Is and Is Not" Alan S. Blinder, "Offshoring: The Next Industrial Revolution?" Globalization's Pros and Cons Dani Rodrik, "Trading in Illusions" Robert Wade, "Financial Regime Change?" John Micklethwait and Adrain Wooldridge, "Why the Globalization Backlash is Stupid" PART 4. CONTEMPORARY WORLD POLITICS Interstate War and Terrorism Robert Jervis, "The Era of Leading Power Peace" Robert J. Art, "The U.S. and the Rise of China" Audrey Cronin, "Ending Terrorism" Civil Wars and Intervention Kofi Annan, "Reflections on Intervention" *Michael N. Barnett and Jack Snyder, "The Grand Strategies of Humanitarianism" *Alexander B. Downes, "To the Shores of Tripoli" Human Rights and International Law Rhoda E. Howard and Jack Donnelly, "Human Rights in World Politics" Stephen R. Ratner, "International Law: The Trials of Global Norms" Transnational Actors and New Forces Margaret E. Keck and Kathryn Sikkink, "Transnational Activist Networks" Phil Williams, "Transnational Organized Crime and the State" *Herbert Lin, "Cyber Conflict and National Security" *Marc Lynch, "After Egypt: Online Challenges to the Authoritarian Arab State" The Global Commons and Global Governance Garrett Hardin, "The Tragedy of the Commons" David G. Victor, "International Cooperation on Climate Change: Numbers, Interests, and Institutions" Adam Roberts, "The United Nations and International Security" Kenneth N. Waltz, "Globalization and Governance" *G. John Ikenberry, "The Future of the Liberal World Order" The Shape of the Future The U.S. National Intelligence Council, "Global Trends 2025" Barry Posen, "Emerging Multipolarity: Why Should We Care?" *Alan Dupont, "The Strategic Implications of Climate Change" *Neil Howe and Richard Jackson, "Global Aging and the Crisis of the 2020s" *Arvind Subramanian, "Why China's Dominance Is a Sure Thing"

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書名 International politics : enduring concepts and contemporary issues
著作者等 Jervis, Robert
Art, Robert J.
出版元 Pearson
刊行年月 c2013
版表示 11th ed
ページ数 xvi, 585 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9780205851645
NCID BB09910435
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国