Automotive handbook

By (author) Robert Bosch GmbH

The 8 th edition of the world's definitive automotive technology reference marks Bosch's 125 th anniversary. Now significantly updated, this book is a must for engineers working in the car industry. The Automotive Handbook is the flagship publication in the BOSCH handbook series on different automotive technologies; one of the most definitive sets of reference books that automotive engineers have at their disposal, and now translated into 11 different languages. 2011 marks the 125 th anniversary for BOSCH, and their longstanding expertise and innovative technologies are documented in this new edition that contains just about anything relevant to automobile design, development and quality engineering. As progress in the field of automotive engineering has grown apace it has expanded from 96 pages in 1936, to 1258 pages today. This new edition is significantly updated, with key changes including more emphasis on electrical systems, and a new chapter on driver assistance systems. Very highly regarded throughout the automotive industry, it is used as a quick easy reference and to deliver the detail necessary for more complex ideas. Concise technical data and insights Increased emphasis on electrical systems, and a new chapter on driver assistance systems. 1,000+ diagrams, illustrations, sectional drawings and tables Handy conversion charts and an easy-to-use topic index Features contributions from experts in automotive manufacturers, universities and Bosch itself Pocket sized for everyday use

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  • Basic principles of physics Quantities and units 22 Basic equations used in mechanics 34 Vibrations and oscillations 40 Acoustics 46 Hydrostatics 52 Fluid mechanics 53 Thermodynamics 56 Electrical engineering 60 Electronics 80 Electrochemistry 99 Mathematics and methods Mathematics 104 Finite-element method 108 Control engineering 116 Materials Chemical elements 122 Substances 126 Materials 135 Properties of metallic materials 144 Properties of non-metallic materials 167 Heat treatment of metallic materials 182 Corrosion and corrosion protection 194 Deposits and coatings 203 Operating fluids Lubricants 208 Fuels 220 Brake fluids 236 Coolants 238 Machine parts Springs 240 Sliding bearings 246 Roller bearings 255 Gears and tooth systems 260 Belt drives 270 Chain drives 278 Joining and bonding techniques Detachable connections 282 Permanent joints 304 Vehicle physics Basic terms of automotive engineering 314 Motor-vehicle dynamics 324 Aerodynamics 354 Vehicle acoustics 360 Internal-combustion engines Internal-combustion engines 366 Mixture formation, combustion, emissions 376 Charge cycle and supercharging 392 Reciprocating-piston engine 404 Wankel rotary engine 442 Engine cooling 446 Engine lubrication 456 Air filtration 459 Turbochargers and superchargers 462 Exhaust-gas system 480 Emission-control and diagnosis legislation Emission-control legislation 488 Exhaust-gas measuring techniques 510 Diagnostics 520 Management for spark-ignition engines Management for spark-ignition engines 534 Cylinder charge 542 Fuel supply 546 Mixture formation 559 Ignition 570 Catalytic exhaust-gas treatment 586 Alternative gasoline-engine operation LPG operation 592 Engines fueled by natural gas 596 Management for diesel engines Management for diesel engines 602 Fuel supply system (low-pressure stage) 606 Common-rail injection system 612 Time-controlled single-cylinder pump system 626 Diesel distributor injection pumps 630 Start-assist systems 636 Exhaust-gas treatment 639 Alternative drives Hybrid drives 646 Fuel cells for the vehicle drive 658 Drivetrain Drivetrain 664 Chassis systems Chassis systems 684 Suspension 694 Shock absorbers and vibration absorbers 706 Wheel suspensions 714 Wheels 722 Tires 732 Tire-pressure monitoring system 746 Steering 748 Brake systems 760 Brake systems for passenger cars 776 Electrohydraulic brake 780 Brake systems for commercial vehicles 784 Wheel brakes 802 Chassis control and active safety Antilock braking system 806 Traction control system 818 Driving-dynamics control system 822 Integrated driving-dynamics control systems 846 Vehicle bodies Road-vehicle systematic 852 Vehicle bodies, passenger cars 854 Vehicle bodies, commercial vehicles 868 Lighting equipment 876 Automotive windshield and window glass 914 Windshield, rear-window and headlamp cleaning systems 920 Passive safety Occupant-protection systems 928 Vehicle security systems Locking systems 938 Theft-deterrent systems 946 Automotive electrics Vehicle electrical systems 948 Starter batteries 962 Electrical machines 970 Alternators 986 Starting systems 996 Actuators 1002 Wiring harnesses and plug-in connections 1008 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and interference suppression 1014 Symbols and circuit diagrams 1022 Automotive software engineering 1044 Automotive networking 1064 Buses in motor vehicles 1071 Architecture of electronic systems 1090 Sensors 1100 Mechatronics 1164 Comfort and convenience Passenger-compartment climate control 1170 Comfort and convenience functions in the passenger compartment 1182 User interface, telematics and multimedia 1184 Display and control 1184 Radio and TV reception in motor vehicles 1192 Traffic telematics 1199 EU recording equipment 1200 Driver-assistance systems Driver-assistance systems 1202 Parking systems 1206 Vehicle navigation 1210 Adaptive Cruise Control 1214 Predictive emergency-assistance systems 1220 Video-based driver-assistance systems 1222 Night-vision systems 1224 Appendices Technical terms 1228 Abbreviations 1258

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書名 Automotive handbook
著作者等 Robert Bosch GmbH
出版元 Bosch;Wiley [distributor]
刊行年月 2011
版表示 8th ed., rev. and extended
ページ数 1265 p.
大きさ 18 cm
ISBN 9781119975564
NCID BB07463970
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言語 英語
原文言語 ドイツ語
出版国 ドイツ