The Oxford handbook of modern German history

edited by Helmut Walser Smith

This is the first comprehensive, multi-author survey of German history that features cutting-edge syntheses of major topics by an international team of leading scholars. Emphasizing demographic, economic, and political history, this Handbook places German history in a denser transnational context than any other general history of Germany. It underscores the centrality of war to the unfolding of German history, and shows how it dramatically affected the development of German nationalism and the structure of German politics. It also reaches out to scholars and students beyond the field of history with detailed and cutting-edge chapters on religious history and on literary history, as well as to contemporary observers, with reflections on Germany and the European Union, and on 'multi-cultural Germany.' Covering the period from around 1760 to the present, this Handbook represents a remarkable achievement of synthesis based on current scholarship. It constitutes the starting point for anyone trying to understand the complexities of German history as well as the state of scholarly reflection on Germany's dramatic, often destructive, integration into the community of modern nations. As it brings this story to the present, it also places the current post-unification Federal Republic of Germany into a multifaceted historical context. It will be an indispensable resource for scholars, students, and anyone interested in modern Germany.

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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The Origins of Modern Germany
  • 3. Senses of Place
  • 4. Women and Men: 1760-1960
  • 5. International Conflict, War, and the Making of Modern Germany, 1740-1815
  • 6. Cosmopolitanism and the German Enlightenment
  • 7. The Atlantic Revolutions in the German Lands, 1776-1849
  • 8. The End of the Economic Old Order: The Great Transition, 1750-1860
  • 9. Escaping Malthus: Population Explosion and Human Movement, 1760-1884
  • 10. Protestants, Catholics, and Jews: Enlightenment, Emancipation, New Forms of Piety
  • 11. The Formation of German Nationalism, 1740-1850
  • 12. German Literature and Thought from 1810 to1890
  • 13. Nation State, Conflict Resolution, and Culture War, 1850-1878
  • 14. Authoritarian State, Dynamic Society, Failed Imperialist Power, 1878-1914
  • 15. The Great Transformation: German Economy and Society, 1850-1914
  • 16. Race and World Politics: Germany in the Age of Imperialism, 1878-1914
  • 17. Germany 1914-1918. Total War as a Catalyst of Change
  • 18. The German National Economy in an Era of Crisis and War, 1917-1945
  • 19. Democracy and Dictatorship
  • 20. Piety, Power and Powerlessness: Religion and Religious Groups in Germany, 1870-1945
  • 21. The Place of German Modernism
  • 22. Nationalism in the Era of the Nation State, 1870-1945
  • 23. Todesraum: War, Peace, and the Experience of Mass Death, 1914-1945
  • 24. The Three Horsemen of the Holocaust: Antisemitism, East European Empire, Aryan Folk Community
  • 25. The Uprooted: Expulsion, Exile, Flight, Forced Labor, Expulsion, 1880-1948
  • PART IV: GERMANY 1945-1989
  • 26. The Occupation of Germany, a Rubble Society
  • 27. Democracy and Dictatorship in the Cold War: the Two Germanies, 1949-1961
  • 28. Generations: The Revolution of the 1960s
  • 29. Industrialization, Mass Consumption, Postindustrial Society
  • 30. Religion and the Search for Meaning, 1945-1990
  • 31. Culture in the Shadow of Trauma?
  • 32. The Two German States in the International World
  • 33. Annus Mirabilis: 1989 and German Unification
  • 34. Germany and European Integrations since 1945
  • 35. Toward a Multicultural Society?
  • Index

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書名 The Oxford handbook of modern German history
著作者等 Smith, Helmut Walser
書名別名 Modern German history
出版元 Oxford University Press
刊行年月 2011
ページ数 xvii, 863 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9780199237395
NCID BB07033213
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス


著作名 著作者名
Annus Mirabilis : 1989 and German unification David F. Patton
Authoritarian state, dynamic society, failed imperialist power, 1878-1914 Smith, Helmut Walser
Cosmopolitanism and the German enlightenment Franz Leander Fillafer, Jürgen Osterhammel
Culture in the shadow of trauma? Lutz Koepnick
Democracy and dictatorship in the Cold War : the two Germanies, 1949-1961 Andrew I. Port
Dictatorship and democracy, 1918-1939 Thomas Mergel
Escaping Malthus : population explosion and human movement, 1760-1884 Ernest Benz
Generations : the 'revolutions' of the 1960s Uta G. Poiger
German literature and thought from 1810 to 1890 Ritchie Robertson
Germany 1914-1918, total war as a catalyst of change Benjamin Ziemann
Germany and European integration since 1945 Kiran Klaus Patel
Germany is no more : defeat, occupation, and the postwar order Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann
Industrialization, mass consumption, post-industrial society Donna Harsch
International conflict, war, and the making of modern Germany, 1740-1815 Ute Planert
Introduction Smith, Helmut Walser
Nation state, conflict resolution, and culture war, 1850-1878 Siegfried Weichlein
Nationalism in the era of the nation state, 1870-1945 Pieter M. Judson
On the move : mobility, migration, and nation, 1880-1948 Philipp Ther, Sebastian Conrad
Origins of modern Germany Friedeburg
Piety, power, and powerlessness : religion and religious groups in Germany, 1870-1945 Rebekka Habermas
Protestants, Catholics, and Jews, 1760-1871 : enlightenment, emancipation, new forms of piety George S. Williamson
Race and world politics : Germany in the age of imperialism, 1878-1914 Andrew Zimmerman
Religion and the search for meaning, 1945-1990 Benjamin Ziemann
Senses of place Celia Applegate
The Atlantic revolutions in the German lands, 1776-1849 Jonathan Sperber
The German national economy in an era of crisis and war, 1917-1945 Adam Tooze
The end of the economic old order : the great transition, 1750-1860 James M. Brophy
The formation of German nationalism, 1740-1850 Christian Jansen
The great transformation : German economy and society, 1850-1914 Cornelius Torp
The place of German modernism Meike G. Werner, Stephen D. Dowden
The three horseman of the Holocaust : anti-semitism, East European empire, Aryan folk community William W. Hagen
The two German states in the international world Andreas W. Daum
Todesraum : war, peace, and the experience of mass death, 1914-1945 Thomas Kühne
Toward a multicultural society? Willaim A. Barbieri, Jr
Women and men : 1760-1960 Ann Goldberg