Philosophical perspectives for pragmatics

edited by Marina Sbisà, Jan-Ola Östman, Jef Verschueren

The ten volumes of "Handbook of Pragmatics Highlights" focus on the most salient topics in the field of pragmatics, thus dividing its wide interdisciplinary spectrum in a transparent and manageable way. While the other volumes select specific cognitive, grammatical, social, cultural, variational, interactional, or discursive angles, this 10th volume focuses on the interface between pragmatics and philosophy and reviews the philosophical background from which pragmatics has taken inspiration and with which it is constantly confronted. It provides the reader with information about authors relevant to the development of pragmatics, trends or areas in philosophy that are relevant for the definition of the main concepts in pragmatics or the characterization of its cultural context, the neighbouring field of semantics (with particular respect to truth-conditional semantics and some main branches of formal semantics), and recent philosophical debates that involve pragmatic notions such as indexicality and context. While most of the references are to the analytic philosophical field, also perspectives in so-called continental philosophy are taken into account. The introductory chapter outlines some unifying routes of reflection as regards meaning, speech as action, and self and mind, and suggests some connections between doing pragmatics and doing philosophy.

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  • 1. Preface to the series, pXIII-XIV
  • 2. Acknowledgements, pXV-XVI
  • 3. Introduction (by Sbisa, Marina), p1-10
  • 4. Analytical philosophy: Ordinary language philosophy (by Sbisa, Marina), p11-25
  • 5. John L. Austin (by Sbisa, Marina), p26-37
  • 6. Mikhail Bakhtin (by Bjorklund, Martina), p38-52
  • 7. Contextualism (by Bianchi, Claudia), p53-70
  • 8. Deconstruction (by Schirato, Tony), p71-78
  • 9. Epistemology (by Buekens, Filip), p79-81
  • 10. Epistemology of testimony (by Faulkner, Paul), p82-84
  • 11. Michel Foucault (by Martin-Rojo, Luisa), p85-103
  • 12. H.P. Grice (by Brisard, Frank), p104-124
  • 13. Hermeneutics (by Van de Craen, Piet), p125-130
  • 14. Indexicals and demonstratives (by Corazza, Eros), p131-152
  • 15. Intensional logic (by Gochet, Paul), p153-162
  • 16. Modal logic (by Gochet, Paul), p163-170
  • 17. Model-theoretic semantics (by Gochet, Paul), p171-179
  • 18. Charles Morris (by Petrilli, Susan), p180-201
  • 19. Notation in formal semantics (by De Mulder, Walter), p202-216
  • 20. Phenomenology (by Reynaert, Peter), p217-221
  • 21. Philosophy of action (by Buekens, Filip), p222-227
  • 22. Philosophy of language (by Kasher, Asa), p228-234
  • 23. Philosophy of mind (by Cuypers, Stefaan E.), p235-243
  • 24. Possible worlds semantics (by Gochet, Paul), p244-252
  • 25. Reference and descriptions (by Bianchi, Andrea), p253-279
  • 26. Truth-conditional semantics (by Carston, Robyn), p280-288
  • 27. Universal and transcendental pragmatics (by Leilich, Joachim), p289-296
  • 28. Ludwig Wittgenstein (by Leilich, Joachim), p297-308
  • 29. Index, p309-318

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書名 Philosophical perspectives for pragmatics
著作者等 Sbisà, Marina
Verschueren, Jef
Östman, Jan-Ola
Ostman Jan-Ola
Sbisa Marina
シリーズ名 Handbook of pragmatics highlights
出版元 J. Benjamins
刊行年月 c2011
ページ数 xiv, 318 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 9789027207876
NCID BB05731999
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ